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What a wonderful Valentines day it was for me.

My son who loved his father with all his heart had a dream the night before valentines day that he saw his dad walking with a handful of roses. My son felt it was a message from his father to get me flowers for Valentines day. My son has never given me flowers, he has said happy valentines day or given me a card but never flowers. He has a girlfriend that he plans to marry and his valentines day was all about her this year, but the dream made him feel like dad told him to do this.

I came home from work and there on my kitchen counter was a beautiful vase with a dozen red roses in it, something my husband would have done like he always did on valentines day, send me flowers while he was at work he would call and order them and have them sent to wherever I was that day. We both think this was a message from his dad. Needless to say when I saw the flowers I broke out in tears from the memories of the past.

Just thought I would share this with you all, they are still watching over us.


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What a beautiful thing to have happen to you. This is a very special event that has happened in your life - I am sure you will treasure this act of love forever. Truly beautiful.

John - Dusky is my handle on here

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Oh, Grace, I am SO happy for you!!!! I wish that had happened to me. My husband always gave me the most beautiful cards, so I dug through my pile and found a Valentine's card he had given me and re-read it and cried! It was so beautiful and now I know why I saved it. I will probably re-read it every Valentine's day. My wonderful brother in law gave me a card. He told me that I couldn't go through Valentine's day without atleast a card!

Grace, I want to remind you again, that this Sat. (18th) we will be at Applebee's at Central & Camelback for our lunch get together. We'd love to have you and I would LOVE to meet you. Having our Charlie's pass away around the same time and all......

ANYONE in Arizona (John/Dusky that means you!) is invited and WELCOME!!!!! It's just lunch, no pressure. The 3rd Sat. of each month at 1pm and we've been going to the Applebee's at Central & Camelback, lately, but we can talk about changing places, if someone wants. We usually go there because we all come from different areas of the valley and it's convenient (plus they will do separate "bills" for lunch...)

Please join us if you can!! All ya gotta do is show up!


(Charlie 6/10/58-11/16/2004)

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I wish that had happened for me too...but noone did anythiing for me this Valentine's Day and again it was another stark reminder of my loss, for my George never would have let the occassion slip by without his doing something special. We never lost any opportunity to show love for each other. So I am reminded about what a special thing we had and how fortunate I was to have it at least that once in my life. I can only tell him, thank you.

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