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Cousin's Funeral Reminded Me.....

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I attended my cousin's funeral today. He was just a year older than me and we graduated together from the same High School in the early sixties.

He died from cancer, as did my sweet Jeannie. :(:(

He was a real Country Music lover and they played Willie Nelson's version of You Were Always on my Mind at the start of his memorial service. The words reminded me of earlier times before my wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer.


Little things I should have said and done. I just never took the time - but you were always on my mind.

She will always be on my mind but it's too late now to do and say those little things that I should have done - she deserved a LOT more.


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You always send everyone here such heartfelt songs. Everyone I listen to hits home with every word. I can feel your grief in each and every sentence.

Losing a spouse who you love with all your heart just tears at your inner soul with more pain than anyone could imagine. Just thinking about my sweet Charlie brings tears to my eyes. People say it will get better with time, but it has been 17 months since I lost the only person in my life that made me whole and I still feel such pain like it was only yesterday. I sense that you are going thru that same pain in the songs you send us.

Even though they bring tears and sorrow the words take on such new meaning today. From the BeeGees album "Words, just words, they take your heart away."

Thank you for sharing,



7/1/38 - 10/20/04

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Walt, thank you.

You say it's too late to do or say the things you should have said and done - but I'm sure your Jeannie knew and she knows now ... and maybe she's smiling when she hears your songs and when she sees you smile.

I'm sorry for the loss of your cousin.

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Walt - I too am sorry for the loss of your cousin. I know going to his/her funeral was a big step - I went to one just about the time I had been without my "best guy" for about a year. A man I used to work for lost his wife, so I went to the funeral. I did pretty good until the end - when I went up to him to tell him of my sympathy. It just seemed so strange to be telling him how much my heart went out to him, just about a year after I lost MY spouse.

Walt - Your Little Jeannie certainly was a lucky lady to have someone speak so highly and kindly of her; she must have been very special. You know that she's watching and listening to everything you say, so you don't have to tell her anything! She probably already knows.....

My thoughts are with all of you!!!!


(Charlie - 6/10/58-11/16/2004)

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