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Feeling crazy and guilty not getting out of bed

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It's not because you're worthless and lazy, it's because you're grieving.  Try to set the bar low for yourself, maybe try to accomplish one thing a day.  Realize you aren't up to your usual self right now and that's okay.

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This could have been written by me. I just dread getting out of bed, but if I don't I get these awful feelings of fear, dread, guilt and can't seem to function.

I also have COPD which doesn't help as the fatigue is enormous. And these health problems are so discouraging because I can't do what I used to do, so I guess I'm also grieving my loss of my ability to get things done.

And after nearly 60 years of cleaning, cooking, taking care of my many gardens, caregiving for everyone, I'm just tired of it all and don't want to do anything anymore.

I try to set a goal of accomplishing at least one positive thing every day but just can't seem to get going.

I'm trying to downsize as I can no longer maintain my home, but a 40-year accumulation is simply overwhelming. I just wish I could simply give myself a little time to absorb my loss and get some energy, but it's really discouraging. And these feelings of guilt when I do nothing make me feel worse.

I'm grateful for finding this group for it's allowed me to know that what I'm experiencing is normal. But I still wish I could accept the way I feel.

Thanks for listening for it helps to put how I feel in writing.

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It IS normal for what you are going through.  And are you grieving a loss on top of all of this?

I understand overwhelming...I have 44 1/2 years of accumulation, not so much in recent years but it seems everyone (packrats) left me with their stuff and then disappeared.  My kids' dad who divorced me, my son who took after his dad who left and started his own life without taking his stuff, my sweet husband that died all too young/soon...for the last 16 years it's just been me...I have debilitating damage to knees and hands from severe injuries, surgery worsened my right hand, and I need help but don't get it.  I try not to worry about cleaning it out, I don't see that happening without help and last I looked there was no one lining up to do that!  I do well to take care of what has to be done here, whether myself or paying a contractor.

Allow yourself to do what you can and then accept a time of the day to just relax.  It's okay.  We are not 40 anymore.

When the stresses of life hit it also wears us down.  We need to learn to be patient, kind, understanding with ourselves.  Tell yourself what you would tell a good friend going through this.  :wub:

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