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  1. Hi Rae, Hopefully my story helped you in some way. I believe we are the same age too if your username is your year or birth? Im glad you’re happier now and from the posts I’ve read last night you seem to be doing a great job of helping people.
  2. Wow, I can’t believe this topic has so many views. It’s been 5 years since I’ve been here and whilst I’m sick and been up all night I remembered and thought I would come back and see what was going on. It’s currently 05:06am here in England. I’m tired but can’t sleep. In my last post I spoke about being with someone else. This lasted for 4 years before we mutually decided to end the relationship. Thank god it was an easy break up this time because I definitely didn’t want to go through what I did with Fern again. I’m now in a new relationship and we celebrated our two year anniversary last week whilst on holiday/vacation in The Canary Islands. Given how many views this topic has had I’m sure it’s helped many a people. I’ve read it back and it seems so recent still. I can picture where I was when I sent those messages. I even had a tear roll down my cheek whilst reading them. Those feelings that I felt are still there inside me. I still remember how my heart ached and how much I wanted things to be different. With regards to Fern, we don’t speak. We never reconnected on social media and I moved away from home because of work so no longer live in the same city. I do know that she’s with someone else and also has a child now so at least she found peace and I’m happy for that. Remember each person is different and your own feelings/actions will impact on your situation. Hopefully this topic will provide some sort of help and support to others who go through similar to what I did.
  3. Hi Sam, Hopefully you’re doing better by now and things have either improved or you have closure from the relationship. I’m Tom, the guy who Rae refers to up above. If you need to talk then give me a shout, hopefully I can provide some help if you need it.
  4. Wow this does seem such a long time ago now! I hope everyone is well, no doubt people have/are going through what I did back then and may well have read this topic looking for advice on how to deal with the situation. I know I did the wrong thing back then and hopefully people will learn from the mistakes that I made. Luckily my ex was not the one for me. How do I know? Well I've been with my current girlfriend for nearly two years now and she makes me feel a million times more loved than anyone ever has before. Time will heal many a broken heart but maybe it's also just pain caused by being blindly in love with someone you shouldn't be with. Life's funny and a ride so make sure you enjoy every living day that you have, it's too short to spend time chasing people who don't want you. Hope everyone is okay!
  5. Thanks Kay. I guess it is true, time is a healer.
  6. Sounds fun! I love my dog! She's amazing but unfortunately I couldn't take her with me when I moved out of my parents so they keep her. I get back for a few days a month but its sad that I don't get to see her or my family everyday like usual. I did plan on going to New Zealand but didn't in the end. I went to Turkey with friends and also visited Ukraine to go Chernobyl and Prypiat which was an amazing and surreal experience. Also going to Spain again soon and then onto Rome and Pompeii next year too. Indeed! Looking forward to enjoying my younger years, not that young anymore.. Haha. But hopefully Ill have plenty of memories by time I do decide to settle down.
  7. Oh well I bet they keep you on your toes! I had to leave my dog at home with my Mum and Dad so only get to see her every now and again.
  8. Hi! Just randomly remembered this place and popped back to see how things was. It's been over two years now and things are very different. I still think of her every now and again (Birthday, anniversary of her Fathers passing etc). I owe a lot to this place for helping me get through what I was going through. I've met a girl, we met last year and have been seeing each other since April. We're taking it slow and I like that, it's pretty chilled and relaxed. I've moved away from home too so now have my own place and don't live near to my ex. She's also pregnant now so obviously she's moved on too which Im glad. I hope that what I went through will help others in the future, and hopefully I won't need to follow this advice again in the future!
  9. It's a year to the day that Fern's Dad passed away. Yeah, we sorted things out and I got all my stuff back, although it took about 9 months to get that far. I actually just gave up and she randomly popped up out of nowhere over Christmas to get in touch.
  10. Hey. Hope everyone is well. It's been a while hasn't it? I've moved on fully now. Me and Fern actually sorted things out and we met up about a month ago. I've met someone new but it's very early in the relationship. Will see how things go.
  11. Hello! Still haven't got my stuff back, haven't heard from her in a while. I'm far too busy at the moment with other things to bother about getting my stuff back right now. Hope you're all well! x
  12. I actually recieved a text from Fern at midnight last night just saying 'thankyou x' Not a clue why or what she meant by it, but I'm not going to read too much into it in order to protect myself from becoming hurt again.
  13. Yeah, she never used to be like this. The amount she's changed from before her Dad passed and now is massive.
  14. Haha, tell me about it! Still counting the days! Fern actually came into my work today with two mutual friends, I upgraded our friends phone and Fern was with her, but stood at the opposite side of the shop and never said a word to me. Anyway, so I texted her tonight to see if we can sort things now, but something's happening in her life right now that's stopping her from wanting to see me. She told me that she can't do it, and that she knows it's been going on for too long but she can't meet up with me right now. I know a close family friend passed away the other day, so this could be something to do with it, it's not been the best 10 months for her, what with her Uncle, Dad and now this happening, I do feel for her. I want my things but they're not massively important, so to save arguments I just said I understand.
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