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Deadline: tonight at 11:59pm

This is reminder of YOUR INVITATION to share your own thoughts on the topic of invitation as you've experienced it!


Here's how you can submit creative works for consideration

There is no entry fee. There is no prize. There is just this INVITATION for you to freely share and have your creativity shared forward in a collaborative blog post. Your share can be related to your grief experience directly or it can just be a life experience. Whatever the case, I'd like to hear from you, dear reader, on how the word / concept of "invitation" has played out in your world. You might address things like:

  • Did you find a space where you felt invited to share your grief experience?
  • How have you found your grief and life changed as you moved from competition to collaboration?
  • How have you felt invited in your world to be who you are, to share your grief / life stories, to collaborate with others?
  • OR anything else around the concept of "invitation" that you want to share!

Don't worry if you are not an artist. This is a call for heARTmaking, not specifically artmaking! You can respond in one of the following ways:

  1. Written: Simply type your reply in the body of an email and send to me
  2. Audio: Record an mp3 audio response, post somewhere online at your own blog, archive.org, or podcast, and then send me the link
  3. Video: Make a video, post somewhere online at your own blog, Vimeo, or YouTube, and then send me the link
Be sure to include in your email, all the information you want shared publicly with your contribution! This could be things like name, blog address, website, or other contact information.

Send your submission to me by 11:59pm PACIFIC, Thursday, June 1, 2017.

Sometime in the second full week of June, I'll do a full blog post on the topic of Invitation and include the chosen submissions as content from featured contributors. We'll include your public information, so don't forget to tell us how to list your name and contact info!

Please note I am aiming for this to be an inclusive, community created, collaborative blog post, AND I retain the right to refuse any submission for any reason, particularly if deemed to be racist, sexist, or any other -ist on the planet.
If for some reason you need another day or two to submit works for this invitation, please be in touch with me.

Miracles to you,
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