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First time feeling such joy

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I've not felt such utter heartfelt joy.  This miracle baby boy like her sister Gracie has beat the odds.  Ryan looks so similar to Gracie.  He loves cuddles.  He loved his first bath at home.  He loves Grampy cuddles.  Caleb and Gracie adore him.  My heart is sad for obvious reasons of Noah not being here and Grammy Mary.  But my heart is so happy.  Our family deserve such joy.  





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He is so beautiful, so perfect, I can see why you have such heartfelt joy...and you all deserve it.  It's amazing how we can have utter joy, and sadness, at the same time.  This is what I call coexisting with our grief.  I'm glad you have reason to smile...

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Butch, your family deserves joy so much and this makes me very happy for you.  Your daughter-in-law and son deserve happiness and some peace of mind.  Your family has needed you in so many ways and you have been there.  

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