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  1. Widowedbysuicide

    My Allen

    Hi Katie ❤️🙏. I wish I could help. Please know you are in my heart and my prayers. Frustration buster - A teacher friend told me that when she was up to her eyes in frustration or other feelings she would go to a second hand store or garage sale and buy dishes. Particularly the large plates. When she felt in the mood she would go out to her sidewalk and smash the dishes one item at a time, savouring the sounds, feelings, and sight. When she felt better it was easy to clean up and she was good until the next time. - just a thought 😲
  2. Thank you for the information Karen. I was aware of the Hopi but now I will research it better. I have friends in Arizona right now. They are their with their horses at an area where they do a lot of roping. I believe they are near Casa Grande. I'm looking after their house and animals here. 3 horses and a cat is all I have this year. In past years it's been up to 7 horses and two dogs along with the old barn cat. I hope you had sunshine today and that some comfort found its way into your heart.
  3. Karen you mentioned Kachinas. Are these sport dolls? My much loved mare who is gone now was named Kachina De Chelly. I was told her name meant spirit of the canyon De Chelly. She was my support through troubled and painful times. I'm interested in learning more about Kachinas. I miss her terribly. I had to have her euthanized in September '17.
  4. Widowedbysuicide

    The connection with our lost loves and the Cosmos

  5. Widowedbysuicide

    Simultaneous Grief and Love

    I am thrilled for you Maryann! Thank you for sharing your wonderful news with us ❤️
  6. I understand what you are saying and I know how much it hurts. I wish it wasn't like this. 🙏
  7. Widowedbysuicide

    Articles Worth Reading

    Thank you for this post. It will help me and my son too. ❤️ I am going to print it out and keep it on my fridge.
  8. Widowedbysuicide

    My Allen

    I hope you all will be feeling better soon. I don't remember strep throat but i do remember ear aches. Sorry for you all. Each special occasion is difficult after a loss ❤️. I am thinking you have too many family not at the table with you and my heart knows your heart is still really breaking. I pray for you that you will accept God's love.
  9. Ana I am truly sorry that people said such hurtful and ridiculous things to you, especially in the early days. Our hearts are so vulnerable and we need support from people. I think Kayc was right saying a little space or time from those kinds of people is probably a good idea. Hurtful things are too hard to deal with when our hearts are aching so badly. ❤️
  10. Widowedbysuicide

    My Allen

    I'm glad that you have your friend and your parents coming to your home. It must feel good knowing they love you and the boys enough to do Thanksgiving with you. It won't be the Thanksgiving you had hoped for and I'm sorry about that. Take care to look after yourself. I know it's hard to feel good about anything but your health is very important. Hugs to you ❤️🙏
  11. People, is right !! I can count on one hand the number of people who I can count on, one of them is me. @Kieron I so get what you have said. Too many people in my old married life only want my attention for what they can gain. Some crying the blues about ridiculous little spats with their husbands. Others trying to get money or stuff from me. I am so desperate for human contact and yet I fear being taken advantage of. I hear you Gwen. We have all the hard things in common. My life really is a drag. On tv tonight was an episode of Mom. One of the characters was going to be moving in with a friend. The friend was recently widowed and is now a cat lady. The character moving in was truly excited about being able to have a bedroom with a door, do jigsaw puzzles, and have 9 cats. I am envious as heck. All I have to look forward to is the same old things day after day. I sure miss having my husband tell me everything is going to be ok.
  12. Widowedbysuicide

    Significant Quotes

    I absolutely get that. Life sure is a void.
  13. Widowedbysuicide

    Articles Worth Reading

    Wow. Interesting read. Thanks for sharing it.
  14. Widowedbysuicide

    My Allen

    Katie I hope you will be able to start feeling better soon. You definitely need your strength and good health. You must be exhausted from the pain and worry. Maybe now that you know what it is you can get the appropriate treatment. You are so incredibly strong. I wish you didn't have to go through everything to find that out. Hugs and prayers to you and the boys.