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  1. I don't know where this topic belongs so if it needs to move or be edited that's great by me. My thought with this thread was to welcome members to the forum. We have members returning after time away and new members starting all the time and I thought that it would be good to let everyone know that they are welcome. Perhaps folks might want to come here to say, "hey, I am back", or "hi, I am new here, my name is Marita but I'm listed as Widowedbysuicide."... This could be where people could post a short introduction if they wish. I know what a great place this has been for me and I just feel compelled to let people know that you are amongst friends here. We understand what only others who have suffered loss can truly understand. No judgements, lots of encouragement, sometimes a little smile, and always with heart ❤️.
  2. Like Kay and everyone else said. ❤️
  3. Hi Dennis I'm sure someone like @kayc will pop on here to give you info. This part of the forum is not very active, sadly. Welcome. Sorry you have suffered such a huge loss. Marita
  4. Welcome to the club. Sorry you qualify as a member. It has been a life saver for me for sure. I've been here since early 2016. I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing. I like how you put words and feelings together. Hugs to you. Marita
  5. I know what you mean Kay. You should see the mess my place is with the bathroom reno. Still using garden hose for showering lol. I'm UP but not peaking. It's crazy busy here right now and all is relatively good. I'm learning to take on and learn about more of the things that Gord took care of. The down will return but hopefully it's a while away and won't last long. Take care everyone.
  6. Widowedbysuicide

    What's the point

    Great advice Katie. Everyone here knows the pain of loss. We are all here to help each other ❤️
  7. Widowedbysuicide

    My Allen

    Hello Katie, I know you are hurting and I wish I could help you with it. As far as I can tell the only way this life with the pain can get easier is when we begin to accept it. Somehow we have to allow ourselves feel the pain, the grief, and work through the moments or hours or days. Just try it a moment at a time. Remember to breathe deeply and slowly. Your brain needs the oxygen to function properly. It is a harsh reality I know, and I am truly sorry Katie. ❤️ The pain is the love you wish to share with all your lost angels. While you are not able to hug them and see them smile or hear their voices I believe they are wanting you to keep going. In doing that you are honouring them and showing them that your love for them has never stopped. You are very much needed and wanted by your earthly family. Your heavenly family is safe in each other's arms but they need you to stay here with your children. ❤️ I'm so sorry Katie. It's hard but I believe in you.
  8. Widowedbysuicide

    Trying to make sense of poem.

    The following was posted on a medium's page. A penpal read it and her comment was, "I am ready to die now." The comments have been removed but my penpal isn't responding to any messages sent to her. I'm not sure what she read that made her feel ready to end her life, can anyone else see it? I'm worried about her but she is in Australia. She has lost 2 adult children to suicide. There are no shadows up in Heaven As we all live in God’s pure light There is no sadness, pain, or Anger There are no tears within our sight Here life is filled with love and laughter Our souls are free to run and fly So as you think of me please smile And Please don’t keep asking God why Life there on Earth is just a chapter Of this eternal live we live Heaven is not the end of our life As we have so much more to give You look at me as if I’m gone As if I am not there with you But you see, I am still right here And I was only passing through Part of my path in life with you Was to bless you with strength and love You see it was my time to go and I now watch you from above I watch you as you spread your wings Sometimes you stumble and you fall But know I’m standing next to you I’ll be here with you through it all Days may seem harder since I passed And your nights may feel lonely too Know as you say your prayers to me In Heaven I always hear you May you see signs I send from Heaven Letting you know I’m at your side And please know this within your heart Your life you live fills me with pride Someday this all will just make sense When you join me with God above For now just live life to it’s fullest As I surround you with my love Written with love, Fara Gibson Psychic Medium
  9. I hear 77 is the new 65. You are like me about having to make an effort.... A why bother kind of thing. Hugs to you
  10. Just wanted to say hello to you
  11. Widowedbysuicide

    What's the point

    Sorry it's so hard @Rahn. I understand much of what you have said. I don't have any answers for you, wish I did. From my experience the lack of interest in much of life including eating was hard but it didn't last forever. Longer than I expected for sure but I tend to be impatient and hard on myself. I don't usually admit that. I feel like if you just manage life in the moment and let tomorrow worry about itself, easily said, it gets easier to deal with. I hope you are taking it easy on yourself. Hang in there friend.
  12. I can empathize with you Cookie. I was 61 last month and sometimes the future seems so bleak and too long to be without my husband. But I have hopes that eventually there will be more good days than just ok or getting by ones. Take care of you for him and for yourself.
  13. Widowedbysuicide

    My Allen

    I'm glad it was ok for you and that you want to continue. I bet you are exhausted today. I remember that group stuff used to zap my energy. Proud of you Katie ❤️
  14. Widowedbysuicide

    My Allen

    A fresh day Katie. It is full of possibilities. Just take it slow.
  15. Widowedbysuicide

    My Allen

    Katie, Right now I'm here to help hold you up and offer my support. Don't worry about sending me an email. As long as you post somewhere that you are ok or ok but need help I will be happy. Let your friend help you and take the time you need. Ask her to give you a hug from me. ❤️