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  1. Widowedbysuicide

    My Allen

    I haven't heard from her since she started her care. Love to you Katie. It's ok to read and not respond. Just know we are all here praying for you. 🙏❤️
  2. Perfect description Kay. ❤️ So sorry it isn't the anniversary we all long for.
  3. I feel for you Gwen. When we are sensitive because we aren't functioning as we used to and top of it withdrawl from nicotine everything seems a mess. Not having an understanding person we can talk to also adds to the problem and our emotional pain. I hope you can get a decent sleep and that the morning will bring you some relief from yesterday's situation.
  4. That would be hard to leave. I hope great new memories are waiting in your new home.
  5. Widowedbysuicide

    Our feel good pet photos

    ❤️ Animals are so giving and forgiving.
  6. Widowedbysuicide

    Our feel good pet photos

    Thanks @MartyT.
  7. Widowedbysuicide

    Some days are just so long

    I started a thread in the TOOLS FOR HEALING SECTION that I wanted to tell everyone here about. Have called it OUR FEEL GOOD PET PHOTOS. I hope many of you will share photos here.
  8. Widowedbysuicide

    Our feel good pet photos

    I want to share a couple of photos that make me feel good. The memories of the pets and the life we enjoyed before my husband passed. Katie Kat was his cat, she died the same week he did.
  9. Widowedbysuicide

    Some days are just so long

    Kay I have the sister to your cat... Now to get the picture!
  10. Widowedbysuicide

    Big mistake

    Gwen, I wanted the puppy desperately. I quit smoking when the female was bred. I had it figured that at $5. per day I could save enough to buy the puppy and the cost of travelling to Oregon to pick her up. After about 4 weeks of saving money my husband went on strike. So, I had to choose to use my savings and any future savings to continue to putting food on the table and paying bills. It was the right thing to do. I held off contacting the breeder as my crystal ball wasn't working and I hoped that the strike would be over quickly. The strike lasted about 6 months. Sadly, I didn't need the money because the female got an infection and the puppies had to be removed prior to being viable. I hoped that she would be okay and perhaps I could get a puppy from a future litter. That was not meant to be. The female was spayed in hopes of saving her but she ended up having to be euthanized. I felt so sad for the breeder. She was a gorgeous dog with a great personality and other attributes. I felt disappointed but realized it was not meant to be. That was in '92. In '96 we were given an adult golden female. Her name was Jenny. She was very lovely but she and I never really bonded as I had hoped. I figure it was because she had been passed around too many times. Our other dog was a golden as well and the two of them were great together. Casey was about 10 when we got Jenny and he had been neutered. As he aged he had a stroke and was put down 😢 he was so special to me but he was in panic mode all the time. He was deaf, blind, and became fearful. At that time we decided to try to breed Jenny. We thought that dogs should have partners too. Eventually, we had her bred and she gave us weeks of fun with 9 puppies! We kept a female who we named Milly (Milligan actually). She was wonderful!! Mother and daughter were quite a pair. So I did eventually get my girl golden puppy. We had many great years with the girls. I miss all of my pets that have crossed the rainbow bridge but I have lots of pictures and fond memories. I really do hope your health improves and that you are able to reconnect with the lady you mentioned. Having a friend will help you to refocus your thoughts. It would be good for both you and her 🙏
  11. Widowedbysuicide

    My Allen

    Thinking of you Katie ❤️
  12. Widowedbysuicide

    Big mistake

    I used acupuncture to quit smoking. It's been over 25 years and the cravings are still with me. At least it isn't as often now but yes, the stressful times I want to give in. The withdrawal wasn't too bad, all things considered. I had tried quitting before and the withdrawal is what drew me back. I quit so I would have the money to buy a golden retriever puppy. Never did get that puppy. I wish you the best Gwen. I know from experience the panic attacks, anxiety and depression. I have meds that help when things aren't too crazy but in grief there is alot of crazy. 🙏
  13. No apologies needed. You are human and so are the rest of us. I am just so glad you did not leave 💐
  14. Widowedbysuicide

    My Allen

    Dear Katie you and your boys are always in my heart. I'm proud of you. You are a smart lady to know you need the extra help. ❤️
  15. I haven't done anything to make memories last.