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My life may be getting bigger


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16 years ago, Husband and I purchased this house. It needed a lot of work.  I thought, the day we moved in, 'we're too old to rehab a second house.' The deal was done, though, so no going back.  Before we finished the house, Husband's alcoholism took over his life, there were job reversals for both of us (so less $ coming in to renovate) and then...he died.  He knew how to do much of the work himself, otherwise we'd have never taken on such a project. I certainly couldn't afford to hire people to finish it, and with his passing, didn't even see the point of trying to do it myself.

I considered briefly in the months after Husband died whether a section of the house could be turned into an apartment, but decided the cost may be greater than could ever be recovered in rent.  I had never considered a boarder, as who'd want to live in an unfinished house? My new love has lived with me for three years.  He has a friend whose life has been turned upside down and needs a safe place to live. He's willing to pay to live in an unfinished room. Part of the problem is that his old house and his old friends were considered 'unsafe' for his children to be around. If the social worker approves of us (eye roll) and our home, his children can visit him here.  We were notified last week that she'd be here the 23rd, so we made a Herculean effort to put covers on the outlets, put up sheet rock, find room for *the rest of the boxes of crap that we haven't the heart to throw away*  and patch and repair the disintegrating plaster ceiling. There's no tape on the sheet rock, and only a skim coat of joint compound covering the ceiling washer/sheet rock / screening / plaster combo ceiling, but the room is huge and looked better. The plaster wasn't falling on her head, or anything. 

  I'd have never had had the motivation to even try to do this if we hadn't taken someone in. Doing the rest doesn't seem like an impossible task now. Please keep your fingers crossed that a house too big for two people gets to shelter more life.

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Sometimes we find purpose when we could not see it before. ipswitch you have the courage to see beyond and that is a very, very important thing. We take baby steps till we get our footing.

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ipswitch, I think it's lovely that the house is repurposed and going to see some more life in it again! I pray you will be blessed in doing this and good luck!

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I hope all goes well!  Children are delightful, you're in for a treat!

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