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I'll Take You In My Dreams

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Happy Anniversay Darling. If I can't have you here with me I'll take you in my dreams. The first time you came to me in my dreams it felt as if you were telling me it would be ok. And I longed for another dream. Today, two days before our anninversary here you were in my dreams. I asked you how this could be when you walked through a veil and you said you did not know. I said I did not care how and we put our arms around each other. I could see your smile and hear you laugh. I could see you happy and for that brief dream I was happy again. In my dream I had you back with me. I heard someone say that you had been through a lot in your life and saw a wound but you turned and said you were alright now and you looked at me and smiled. Then I awoke to tears and the sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach, the emptiness without you. I'll meet you in my dreams darling. Our love and life together, more than a dream come true. If I have to live without you here, I'll live with you in my dreams.

I love you Gene!

Always Gene!


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I am happy for your Gene visiting you in your dreams. I haven't had very many of those, but I have cherished them as you do. It sounds like he told you that he was Ok. That's comforting. Here's wishing you many more pleasant dreams.

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I too am glad you have your dreams with Gene...I haven't experienced that. Even on your anniversary, you know you aren't alone...you have a connection that cannot be broken by mere changes in life and death structure. My thoughts are with you.

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I also had a dream about my lost love. It happened before I knew that he died. In fact, if I hadn't had this dream, I wouldn't have known he died.

In the dream, he came to my classroom (before my illness I was a high school teacher) and sat on one of my tables. We talked like we used to, the way that I now miss so much. I saw his adorable,shy smile again for the last time. As the dream continued, everything disappeared except he and I. I can't remember what we talked about, but I remember feeling the love and excitement I always felt when we met and talked.

After that dream, I felt the need to see him again. I fought it, a married woman should not look up an old love! My daughter needed some research material for a paper she was writing, so I relented and visited the college he taught at. While there, I found out about his death 5 months earlier in a car accident.

I feel now like he wanted to tell me goodbye. Like he came to me in a dream so I would know about his death.

I am still holding on to that dream, but sometimes I wish I had never had it. I want to still think of him as alive and out of reach, just "someone I used to know". Confusing, isn't it? I'm glad he said goodbye, but I don't want to know that he's gone.

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Well I finally had a dream...I dreamed George came back and I was really really angry that he just wanted to pick up where we left off...I asked him where he'd been all year but he didn't answer...and I asked him whose ashes I had in my bedroom if he wasn't dead. This isn't exactly the dream I would have liked...it just goes to show that our emotions don't have to make sense, they are more of a release valve than anything.

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When I was with my lost love, we never had any kind of physical relationship. We couldn't...I was in his class. We met and talked, which as all women know, was more intimate than any lovemaking.

During my dream, he showed up on my turf, my classroom, instead of his. In life, we had always met in his office; on his turf.

Even in my dream, we never kissed. We never had any physical relationship. I was so angry when I found out that he had died...why didn't he kiss me when he said goodbye?

We will never know.

Like I said in my other post...ghosts are perfect.

If they are so perfect, why don't they let us feel what they felt for us in our dreams? Why are the dreams the same as when they left us?

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