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Michael’s Butterfly Garden

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Just wanted to share a new photo of Michael’s Butterfly Garden. The first photo is one I shared back in May (on his birthday) when the plants were all recently planted. The second one is from today.

If you zoom in all the way on the butterfly bush (tall plant with the purple flowers in the rear of the garden) you can see a butterfly on one of the flower stalks.




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What a lovely way to remember someone so close in your heart. You can see the love that was put into nurturing and growing this amazing paradise for butterflies!     I did something similar for my Dad who passed away almost 2 years ago. He and I always planted flowers, I took everything that he taught me and each spring I plant flowers for him. His nickname was "Yash" thus the name Yash's Flower Garden. Isn't it wonderful to have a living tribute to those we love and miss so much?



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Beautiful gardens, gals.  Wish I had a green thumb.  Plants see me coming and sigh in relief I don’t buy them to take home.  I used to plant bulbs in the fall for spring.  That worked.  Then I found out you had to break them apart after a couple of times and replant.  That’s when I went to preplanted flower bowls.  Haven’t had flowers in years tho.  I’ll live vicariously thru your photos.  🌸🌺🌸🌺

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Beautiful, both of your's!  I don't have a green thumb either, Gwen, left that to my husband.  Today I raked up 3 1/2 garbage bags of DF cones that were next to my dog's pen and front porch & walkway.  Still have to do the yard but got pooped out.  That and picking up branches is about the extent of my yard work...I hire the mowing and weed-whacking done.  I have hanging planters across my back patio but that's it.

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