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Coming on six years

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Just passed Kevin's birthday and next month is the six year  make it still seems like yesterday  yet so long ago I  am not on here hardly anymore  this time of the year  draws me back every year because  it is the hardest and always  hits me , I want to welcome  all the new people  to the group no one wants to be apart  of,  this place  is such a big help people  on here genuinely  care and just get what your going through I lost Kevin  to a drug overdose  we were  together  26 years  and had 7 kids and grandkids,  have  had more grandkids  since he passed, to everyone  new to grief my heart goes out to you, I understand  the feeling  of loss , of hopelessness,  of not wanting  to go on, of missing  them until your body just aches, for those who didn't  get to say goodbye  I understand  he passed away while I was at work by the time I got to my house  he was gone, I wish I had  a way to take the pain away , I  can say you will never  forget  them they will always  be in your heart,  time just teaches you how to live with the loss and hopefully  find some joy in life even in the little  things, anyway me heart is with everyone  hug

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Hi, @Kevinslove welcome back here.  It's amazing how time passes when we didn't see how we'd live without them...we had no choice.  It's been nearly 17 years for me, during this time I've grown old alone.  Your post kind of sums up how it is, how we learn to live with it, find joy where we can, even the most minute joy.  May you continue to find joy as you are on this journey. :wub:

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