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Loss of a Dear Friend


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I write this with a deep pain in my heart.  Earlier today many of us lost a dear friend.  Mary Bishop, Queen Mary as some of us knew her, died earlier today.  She passed without some of us saying goodbye!  We have been a small Tribe of four for over ten years.  We met right on this Forum.  I along with my other two Tribe members grieve.  As some of you know me I am not that talkative so my why of grieving has been to color.  This is my goodbye to a dear friend.  Mary Bishop will be missed.


Queen Mary 10:21:2022.jpg

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Oh Anne, it's with a heavy heart I hear this news, although she surely is better of, it is those who are left who do the missing/grieving.  Thank you for letting us know. :(


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I sent a message to feralfae.  She's not on FB.

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