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Spent Yesterday In Bed

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So as soon as I got home from work I went right to bed and could not bring myself to get out. This feeling of loss is over whelming at times and I just dont know what to do. I have been able to "manage" it up until this point but last night I was just over come by it. I do have 3 beautiful daughters that have beeen keeping me going and a husband that is so supportive that words cannot express. He does not understand it but he supports me because he knows how much she meant to me and how much I miss her. Does anyone have any suggestions that could help with this..please tell me if you do.

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I also have spent many of days in bed and not got out because my MOM left me and I also have 3 kids (boys) really and they have seen me go through this and the only thing that has helpped me is that they need me. I get to thinking what about my MOM she needed me and I let her down but in return would she want me to let my boys down NO NO. I do take the time and think but I hav eto get up and go I have to support my kids and that is the way my MOM was with her kids. No matter what she had to go on day by day some are tuffer than others but she had to do it and she wanted to do it. I am not one to go to grief counceling but I hear it helps. I am not one to read either but they say that helps also. I find my self asking my MOM for the strenght to keep me going and to hold my hand and show me how to be as strong as she is. I wish you all the good luck talk you later you can pm also.



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Hi, thartz....

I spent the entire weekend this past weekend in bed; I felt that exhausted. I keep my committments to a minimum and use my small energy reserve to what I have to do (work, family) and put everything else on the back burner until I'm feeling better. If it can wait....it does. I rest when I feel I need to. I'm feeling stronger than I did a month ago, but it's slow going.

Wishing you comfort and peace,


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Hi thartz,

I know exactly how overwhelming this can be and also that others are relying on you. Seems to me, we all need to find our way and its not through the usual means we are used to in getting through our grief. It's been described as "being in the dark and groping your way through."

I thnk most importantly is that you need not beat up on yourself. Try to think of all the wonderful things that surround you (when you can) and live in that moment. Your kids will help you and you need to let them in and help them understand what you are learning about getting through this.

You have a lot of people who care for you and are rooting for you. This is a slippery slope but we will all get through it!



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