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Happy Birthday Gene


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I can remember the first birthday gift I ever gave you and the smile on your face that day. I will pass that gift on to a grandchild or perhaps a great grandchild when one grows old enough to understand what that gift meant to you. Today I give you what you have always had and always will have....my love...my heart though it's broken now and always will be as long as I live. Living is such a hard thing to do without you here with me. 15 months and it's still an effort to convince myself that living is worth the effort.

Today I will find a way to celebrate the day you came into this world. Such a gentle child...such a gentle human being, special from the moment you came into the world. Today I wish you a choir of angels singing, celebrating your precious soul. I wish I was part of that choir. I wish I could see your beautiful smile once more. I still see you everywhere I turn....I can still hear your voice and see the twinkle in you eyes...those beautiful green eyes. Could you hear me whispering under the stars last night?

Happy Birhtday my darling Gene. I bear this pain in your honor. Our love was sweet honey when you were here. Now it's honey and tears...the sweet memories...the bitter emptiness of my life without you here.

I love you as much as that first day we met. My love for you shines like the sun.......can you see?

Always Gene!


I miss you so much.

I love you so much.

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Hi ustwo,

What a wonderful way to show that you loved someone that much... I could definitely tell how much love you had for your beloved Gene... I hope one day that I too have someone to love me as much... Take care Shelley

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The love you feel for your husband pours out with your tribute. You can really feel the emotion, he is wathcing over you and does hear your wispers and one day you will be in that chior singing the Lord's praises.


One day you will have that person you will love you just as much. For now, just know that here on this site you are loved.

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Hi Derek,

Thank you so very much for your last post, I now have hope that maybe one day I will find that someone to love me too.. Your wife must have been such a wonderful women and a honour to love... As to you Your wife would have been lucky so have such a wonderful guy... Take care and Thank you again Shelley

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