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Dealing With The Paperwork And The Estate

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Hi All,

My mother passed away three months ago and I am now being overwhelmed with paperwork from her accounts (financial, stock, insurance, etc.) and estate. I am at a loss of what to do with it all as well as trying to make reasonable decisions so shortly after her death. I am still grieving her loss and having to deal with all these accounts just adds to my misery. Has anyone else been in my shoes and if so do you have any advice?


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I was just saying in another post how overwhelming all the legal stuff can be. I did all of it after my dad died and it almost drove me over the brink! I just got on the phone and started asking what I was suppose to do and how to do it. I felt like an idiot at times (at my age I should have known more, but just didn't have the faintest idea about certain things) and most of the companies were very helpful. They walked me through a lot of it. And, yes, it is incredibly hard to do all of this so soon into your grief! You can't even think! I just muddled my way through. The only other thing I could possibly suggest is getting an estate lawyer, if you can afford it.

Good luck with all of it. I totally sympathize with you on this enormous, painful, and confusing task, but you will muddle through like I did, I'm sure!



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Hi there: My Dad left is affairs very much in order....even so, there was beaucoup paperwork. He was employed by the state of Illinois and you know how that state can be....plus there was the farm stuff. It is unbelieveable! My brother was Dad's power of attorney, so he had a load to do. But I tried to help him wherever I could. He had to return to work right away and I was off (I'm a teacher). So I ran errands for him, picking up paperwork, dropping them off, making phone calls, going to meetings, etc. I hope that helped him some. I feel for you....this is just a hard thing to do. You're in my thoughts and prayers.



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Hi Libby:

I just finished dealing with my Mom's paperwork! Just when you think you've covered everything, something else shows up in the mail.

Before Mom died, I had never had to deal with things like this before, and believe me, I learned alot this time. I was Mom's Power of Attorney before she died, and her Executrix after she died.

Most of her creditors were very helpful and nice about the whole ordeal. I ran across a few that were NOT very nice and who said some of the rudest things. Someday, I know that they will be in the same situation as I was, and maybe that will make them change the way they treat other people in this situation.

Just know that you should take each day as it comes. You can and will get through all the paperwork, eventually!

Take care, and if there's anything I can do to help, please let me know. My Mom passed away June 14, 2006, and it still seems like it was only yesterday. The days do get better, a little at a time.



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