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Thinking Of All Of You At Christmas

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I see that no one is really posting tonite and I can understand why. I feel like all of you on this site have been more of a friend and in some way my family this last 13 months, so it is you, that I want to say, I wish for you a Christmas that will bring some peace to you during this difficult time. I'm missing my Larry so much and the memories are filling my heart of the happier times. I wish this for you to, some joy and some peace to you all. Deborah

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Merry Christmas to all. I am off to my in laws today and pray that i can do ok (have no panic attacks). the boys were happy with what santa left but you could see the look in there eyes. they miss their grandma also. they also miss my family (siblings since we don't speak). this is harder on my little one right now ( he is 8). i did send christmas cards from them to my siblings but none came for them. in there eyes they don't exist anymore. i know that my mom is with our Lord and doesn't care about earthly things anymore (my priest told me this) but i for some reason i think it has to saddened her a little. maybe it is just me who is sad and i have to accept that she is not sad. part of me is stilling waiting , waiting for what i am not sure. (maybe her to visit me i don't know) . i hope this feeling passes soon.

yesterday i found out a friend of mine from when i was growing up died from a rare form of cancer. i haven't seen her in awhile but we always sent holiday cards. she died in sept and i just found out now. it just made yesterday and today harder. she would of been 50 yesterday she was 12 yrs older then me. she left behind a wonderful husband and 3 children. i realized life is so short sometimes and we never know when it will end. its almost scary to think about. sorry for being so blah.

i pray for each and everyone of you everynight and your loved ones in heaven. May God grant you peace, love and some little bit of joy today. Lori

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