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Hi everyone,

A huge, deep sigh of relief that my house has been de-Christmased, my son left for a New Year's Eve party where i know he will be spending the night and I have poured a glass of wine to congratulate myself that i have made it through. Time does march on, doesn't it?

Can't wait to get back into a routine and be done with this season.

Here's what i would really like to share with you. I have decided to start a book with my son. It will be called "What I am Thankful For." I love to rubber stamp, emboss and watercolor, so I am going to make a fancy cover for a binder and put plain old college lined paper in it. I told him we really should write every week, but if it's more often that would be great.

Somehow I want to look forward now that a year has passed and try to dwell on the positive. If even it is things we are thankful for in the past...no boundaries...not time frames. Just thankfullness.

I'm thankful that you welcomed me into your community and I have a place to retreat in some of my darkest hours. Now I come to you at a brighter moment and wish hope for you in the new year. A wise friend of mine told me on Christmas day that there are good things in the future for me, I just don't feel it right now. I hope she is right.



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I think your idea of making and writing in a book is a great idea. I have mentioned before...about a month after I lost George, I ran across a magnet that had a dragonfly on it, which I think God put there to get my attention, because I love dragonflies...the magnet said "Find joy in every day". I bought it and placed it on my refrigerator as a reminder...there is a lot we can't control, but our attitudes are one of the most important things we possess because it is the one thing we can form into a positive direction. Finding joy or finding something positive takes effort on our part and will not go without regard...it will be rewarded. We all encounter what we consider to be hardships and disappointments in life, but if we can continue to determine positive focus, it will take us a long way.

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There are many good things just waiting to happen in your future – your friend is right. What a wonderful project – to write a book with your son. I truly believe that you will find great peace and comfort by putting all your positive – thankful – thoughts on paper. There is nothing more powerful than the pen – especially when used in positive adventure.

My best to you always,

John – Dusky is my handle on here

Love you Jack

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