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I have done some reflecting over this past year and the Hell that I have been through. While I lost the love of my life and that has over showdowed most of this past year, I can't help but look at the things that have been positive this year. I for the first time in my life have a grasp on my finicial situation. I have a wonderful son who although he is a handful at times, gave em the reason to keep on living. Because of that I have gone long enough to be able to see a future again for myself that I wasn't able to see after Karen died. The one thing that I am most thankful for is this web site and everyone that comes here. You all are like family to me, I know that when I am down I just need to come here and post and I will get a reply very soon. It is kind of funny because when you post you look forward to hearing from certain people, after being on here for almost 9 months, there are a lot of you that it seems like I have known for years. We have all had our ups and downs and we have helped carry each other through them. Unfortunately, we have lost contact with a few people on here but at the same time have met new people with new challenges ahead of them.

I thank God each and everyday for bring us together, and I pray that for all of you all that this year will be a good year. May God bless you all and may this year be a year where there will be more good times that bad. But know that when the bad time do happen, we are all here to help each other through it.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you, I love you and look forward to this upcoming year and talking to all of you.



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Thank you Derek and Happy New Year to you and Carson. you have such a wonderful outlook, you are a inspiration to me. thanks for always giving my hope. i look forwarding to reading your posts and everyone elses here. this place has been a God send to me and am so thankful i have all of you. I wish for all of us a easier ride in 2007. May God Bless each and everyone of you and hold you in the palm of his hand. Lori

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I too am happy to see 2006 go as it will always be look upon as the year I lost my Mom. I know 2007 will hold it's challenges. But with my friends here at this site, my family and God, I think I am going to make it. I don't share my feelings well. Here I can come and post to faceless people whom I have the honor of calling my friends. This tiny fact makes it easier for me. No matter what our ages are, where we come from, male or female, our grief is the same.

Please know that after the "add reply" button has been clicked you guys are not forgotten until the next day. I ask God every night to please give each and everyone one of you the same peace that I am looking for. I ask him for the same peace for your loved ones.

From the bottom of my heart with much love.....

Missing my Mom,


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I can only agree totally with all of you. Finding this site was the best thing that happened to me, for so many reasons. I think of all of you as family too. I worry about you and hope things are going better for all of you. 2007 will be a little better for all of us, I just feel that. We've come this far, we'll keep going.

Love and hugs to all,


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Hi Derek,

What a wonderful and thoughtful post, I to thank God everyday for letting me find this wonderful website and all these wonderful people... I think of everyone here as family and wish somehow someday that we all could meet... I know that most of you are in the United States but I would even travel that far to meet some of you... Take care and Happy New Year to you and Carson may this be one of the best years yet... Shelley

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