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Holiday Gifts From Your Loved One


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Dear Ones,

One of my dear colleagues shared this lovely idea with me, and in turn I want to share it with all of you. I hope it will touch your hearts as it touches mine. Please let us know if you're willing to try it, and if so, how it goes for you ~ and certainly feel free to adapt it in any way that feels right for you:

This exercise is designed to help you create your own, very special holiday gift from your loved one.

Write on separate slips of paper the gifts your loved one has given you, and place them in a special gift box you’ve chosen for this purpose.

Gifts could be laughter, companionship, bits of advice, sayings, hugs, or insights you have discovered through your grief. They also may include some special trip or tangible gift which was especially meaningful.

You may write as briefly or as detailed as you wish.

You may also want to enclose a favorite photograph with these gifts, to represent the gift of your loved one’s being.

Wrap the box if you wish, tie it with a bow, and place it under your tree.

When it’s time to open gifts, you may choose to open the box from your loved one first, and indulge yourself in the memories.

When the holidays are over, put away the box and its contents along with your other holiday decorations. When you take it out again next year, you may want to add more gifts to this special box, as you allow yourself to remember more.

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