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I still feel very angry today. I came home from work very tired and just wanted to sleep and I found my older brother getting drunk and making a lot of noise and disturbance on us and with the neighbors. We had a fight over it. It seems the past few days, my patience is being stretched a lot, and I just explode today. Oh, it feels good to talk about it, but I am still angry though. :angry2: I wonder if I did the right thing confronting him about it...

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Lyn: You have no need to question yourself about your actions. You responded to HIS actions which were wrong, frustrating and imposed upon you.

Everyone has the right to be angry. Hopefully we get that way over something justified. Anger tells us several things, among them something here is not right; something is pushing against me making me feel the need to respond to protect myself.

You count, Lyn. No one has to accept behaviour from another that is deliberately done that directly effects you. The blame lies with the doer, not the receiver in this case. This is why anger exists. It can prompt us to take necessary actions: it can open our eyes to realities we might choose to avoid; it helps us by venting out frustrations and fear.

It sounds that without you there is no him. Take care of yourself.

Always my concern- DoubleJo

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Thank you my friends. I feel much better now. He said sorry to me the day after and I told him not to do it again. I seldom get angry and as much as possible I keep myself calm and walk out of the situation whenever I can. But sometimes some instances prompt me to stand up for what I think is right..

Shell, what is BS? Im lost here.. :rolleyes:

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Yes, you did...thanks! I'll try to behave myself. I'm afraid I swear too much, a habit I believe I picked up because most of my best friends growing up were guys! Also, I grew up during the hippie era....I don't have a chance...hahahaha!



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