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This is the 2nd sad day in June, for me. Charlie and I would have been married 19 years today. I will probably go and read a couple of my "old" anniversary cards and cry a little...my grandkids are here with me, so I can't spend a lot of time dwelling on it.

I hope everyone has the best day possible!

Hugs to all.


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You are in my prayers today...it's hard not to think of them especially on those special days, days that would have been one of celebration and enjoyment but instead are...sad. I hope your grandchildren take your mind off of it for a while and you end up having a good day after all. We love you!


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Patti, I'll be thinking of you today and hope you'll get thru it okay. Like, you, I got get cards and notes Larry gave me for different occasions and take a trip back in time full of love and happiness. I know you will be feeling the love you share with Charlie today and everyday. Deborah

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