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Pictures and Memories

September 19th, 1964 was a warm clear sunny Saturday.

Today September 19th, 2008 is a warm clear sunny Friday.

In Saint John, 44 years ago today, Jeannie and I got married.

This afternoon I visited her grave and brought her favorite flowers.

44 years ago was a happy day, with our future life to look forward to.

Today I have plenty of her pictures and great memories of our past.

Thank You Jeannie for over 40 years of love and togetherness.

Thank You to this group for all the support since I first came here.

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Happy Anniversary Walt!!!! I'm glad you had a good day. I still can't sit and look at pictures. Even though they are of happy times it just kills me because I know the two of us won't have any more happy times and it makes me miss him so much. At least reading your post maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel but right now I don't even see a candle flickering.

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Walt and Gail,

It seems odd to wish you both happy anniversaries when your loved ones are gone, but I do hope the day/s went well for you and you could think of happy memories. Oct. 19 would have been me and George's anniversary, it was on "Sweetest Day". I still think of him as my best friend and biggest advocate, I know he is with me in heart and in spirit, just as your Jeannie and Bruce are.

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Walt, Gail and Kay,

I had my first anniversary without Harry last May 22nd. Something happened that day to make me think he was still watching out for me just as he had for the previous 42 years. Since it had been 5 months from the day he died on December 22nd, maybe I was just looking very hard for something that said he was still with me. I have come to realize he will be with me always,in the faces and mannerisms of our children and grandchildren and always in my heart. He was so much fun and that is one of the things I miss the most.

We were all very blessed to have had them in our lives. I sure did feel the love for your spouses in each of your posts.


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