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Lost My Mom 2 Weeks Ago Today

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Hi everyone,

I lost my mom to cancer 2 weeks ago, and today was kind of rough. I keep having visions of her walking through the door, and they seem so real I almost believe it will happen. Logically I know she's not coming back, it's just such a strange feeling to not have her here anymore, I feel so empty. I just miss her so much, and I wish she was still here. Everyone keeps telling me it will get better with time, but right now I don't know how I'll ever accept this and learn to live with it.

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Hi Rachel-I lost my mom a little over a month ago and I can totally relate to what you're saying. My sister summed it up when she told me 'It's like mom went on vacation and will be back soon.' We know its real but yet it doesn't seem or feel real. I've had more bad days then good days since mom passed but don't deny the pain or the tears because I feel it makes it harder on ourselves. Hang in there!


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Hi Rachel,

So sorry about your mom. This is definitely the place to come to get support. Everyone is so kind and understanding.Don't try to"get over it", because we must take our own time to grieve. It does take time and you don't get over it you just learn to deal day to day. the pain does ease as time goes by, but it can flare up at anytime. There are things that seem to trigger a great deal of emotion. I lost my mom 6 months ago. On some days I seem to be ok, but still missing my mom. Then on other days the pain and hurt are so strong. Take it slow and don't rush your feelings. I think we all go through a period of thinking and hoping that mom is away and will return. Hang in there.


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You found a great place to come visit. I definately dont feel so alone in all of this because of the wonderful folks that post. Its been 6 weeks since my sister died suddenly and I echo your's and Michelle's feelings about her coming through the door. I, too, feel like she is just on vacation and forgot to take her phone.

So far there have been some days I make it through alright, and some, like today, where everything makes me miss her. Hopefully as time passes you have more days where you smile when you think of your mother and less times crying when you do. So far thats what Im shooting for, I still dont see how her not being here will ever get easier.

Keep coming back and post when you need to. Or just read some threads and remember you arent quite as alone as you feel.


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I am really sorry about your loss. I know everybody says it gets easier but it takes time. And it takes more time for some. I have learned that grief changes your whole life. Just know that its ok to have all the feelings you are going through. I am finally getting to the point where I dont have the crying fits. Grief is a strage thing. Try to take care of you. Know that your not alone and that angels do walk beside you MWAH !

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