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50 Months - Getting Better Or ?

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It has been fifty (50) months today since my Jeannie died.

I'm not sure if I am "getting better" or just more forgetful as I get older.

I do know that I still love her and always will. :)

I Should Be Getting Better (Udell-Geld) - As sung by Bryan Hyland

I cried the night you told me I'd have to live without you

And baby I'm still crying – I can't go on without you

Each time we meet I break up, right on the spot.

I should be getting better baby, but I'm not.

I should be getting better, with every new tomorrow.

I shouldn't miss your lovin', I shouldn't walk in sorrow.

But lonely nights in heartache, are all I've got.

I should be getting better baby, but I'm not.

I shouldn't have to wonder, whose lips are kissing you.

I shouldn't go on caring, but I confess I do.

I should believe it's over. I shouldn't go on trying.

I shouldn't think about you – I should be finished crying.

By now a single teardrop should be a lot.

I should be getting better baby, but I'm not.

....You know I'm not....No, I'm not.

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It's not the loneliness............it's the alone-ness without the one who brought light into our lives with unconditional true love.

Walt, we'll survive one day at a time. I try real hard to live so that one day I can be with Gene but it's hard. The songs you pass on this site speak what my heart feels.

Be well my friend.

Always Gene!


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Deborah, I feel that way too,but would I really be satisfied. I think it may just prolong our intense sorrow because then we've have to start back at the beginning.

Walt, I know that some people leave this site because when they read how sad people are after such a long time but I'm just glad I am not alone even though I am not near as far out as you. Just know that you are not alone either.

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Thank you for sharing that song with us. Yes, it speaks of all our hearts. All this time has gone by and I've gotten used to the idea that I can't reach out and touch George or physically feel his arms around me, or hear his gentle voice caressing my soul, but I've never stopped missing him. There is nothing and no one that will ever come close to the place in my heart that he holds. What we had was special...a once in a lifetime thing...and I know that's true for you and Jeannie and for all the others on this site.


You WILL be with him, you don't have to try, just accept it...it's our gift and it's free...it's the one good thing I have to hold onto, knowing I'll be reunited with George again and that nothing will ever rip us apart again.



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