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My dearest darling one in a million mum died in my arms on 12th March 2009. Mum lived with me and my husband for the past 5 years, she suffered from Parkinsons and other complaints, we looked after her 24/7, we would do it all over again in a heartbeat. My darling dad passed on in 2003 and the pain still remains....I am heartbroken and finding it so hard to be without her. I have secondary breast cancer to my bones and mum would always help me through the worries, each night we would say our prayers and she would lay her hands on me, i believe she will help heal me from above.

Below are some words i word for her...

Anna Mary Kendall

18.06.1922 – 12.03.2009

‘Our Mum’

Our Mum was a truly wonderful, kind, honest, caring, unassuming and selfless person. A wonderful mother to her four children, Yvonne, Margaret, Anne and Peter, she had 57 years of happy marriage to her husband James, who sadly passed away in 2003.

Mum spent most of the past five years living happily with her daughter Anne and son-in-law John, who she thought of as one of her own.

Those who knew mum felt the warmth of her nature, and with her soft Irish accent you couldn’t help but be charmed by her.

Although she had a debilitating illness for the past ten years, we never once heard mum complain. Her main concerns were always for others, especially for her children - were they getting enough to eat and sleep!

Mums faith, her belief in God, was strong and unmoveable. When asked her thoughts about death and dying she answered ‘it will be like an adventure’. She had no doubt that she would be reunited with James, and one day, with all her loved ones.

The loss, the emptiness that mum leaves in our lives will never be healed, but the legacy of her love and faith live on in us, her children, and we gain great comfort from this.

Until the day we meet mum again, our love and prayers are with her always.

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Hi Anna, first let me offer my condolences on the passing of your Mom. I read your entire post and she sounds like an awesome person. I lost my Mother May 19th 2009. And there isn't a minute that goes by that I do not think about her. Aside from expressing my condolences let me be the first to offer you the same helpful advice I received after joining this site. Take it day by day, be kind to yourself, express your grief and hold her dear in memory. My Mom and I were not as close in life as you were to your Mom, but in many ways I feel that through the grieving process I am getting to know her more and more.

Warmest hugz


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I'm so sorry for your loss :( I also recently lost my Mom on April 6/09..... I miss her terribly and the void is huge. I too believe that we will be reunited with our loved ones when the time comes. I hope you are able to find some comfort here... there are many people on this board who understand and are willing to listen and offer support. {{Hugs to you}}.


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