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Father's Day was always a time when my two children celebrated their dad. As little kids it would be cooking breakfast and making their father eat it on a tray in bed, and they bounching alongside watching him eat and jabbering away. Both my son and daughter had so much fun with their dad.

Now they are both in their 30's and I will be thinking of them tomorrow.

I spoke on the phone with my daughter last night and she started getting whistful and then she said "Fathers Day is Sunday and I cannot believe that dad is dead". This is the first father's day that they cannot invite him out to lunch, send cards, make over him and let him know how special he was to them. She started crying on the phone. My heart broke......again. I am often so wrapped up in my own loss, my own grief, that I forget what a toll this has taken on my son and daughter. How they often grieve in silence as they always feel the need to be supportive and strong for me.

Tom raised two wonderful, kind, loving children and I know that tomorrow will be a painful day for both of them. We love you Tom and want you to know that you were the BEST dad........so full of fun, so present and involved with your kids. I hope you can read my mind, can feel the total love that we all hold for you. Father's Day will be a sad, sad day...but also one that reminds each of us of how seriously you took parenting and how good you were at it, how you set such a great example for these beautiful children of yours. Love to all fathers.

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I wondered if anyone else was feeling this way...my George died on Father's Day four years ago. My own father is dead, and my kids spend their Father's Day with their dad, so I am alone. I was kind of wondering how George's kids are feeling...your post made me feel like maybe I should call them. They're grown with children of their own now, and Father's Day will be spent celebrating the day with their spouses and kids, but still...in the back of your mind you can't get that deceased one that's missing out of your mind. I hope you and your kids do okay tody.


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Today is Fathers Day and it has been the hardest day worst than when Ben died !!!!!!!!!!! My kids are all missing there dad and I don't know what to say to them....We went to the Fathers day rememberance at Hospice yesterday and that helped but I just don't know what to do i can't stop crying and my kids too!!!

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