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Dear Mary Linda,

I remember thinking at two years that it couldn't already be two years. It is a bitter reality, wondering where the time went, how life could continue to go on, how sad it is to be away from our loves for so long. I am thinking of you today and really hope you managed okay and found a way to grieve for your Tom in a way that also celebrated all that he was for you. I know he would be proud of you for all your work to benefit research for pancreatic cancer and for not backing down on your beliefs or your faith. You are a gift to all of us here and I am certain Tom saw that in you every day you had together. Take care and may God bless you and give you peace.


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Thanks everyone. I made it though the day. Worked and then took my mom to my grandson's ballgame which pretty well occupied the entire day so didn't have a lot of time to "think". He's never out of my mind but when you can't think about it things seem a little smoother. One of my friends at work sent me two pink roses which was an added pleasant surprise since only 2 other people besides you guys and my family (and some of them didn't remember the right date) even said anything. That's OK he's not out of my mind and if they think by not saying anything it is better for me, all I've got to say is that one of these days they'll see what it is like.

Oh well, I really appreciate you guys and thanks again.

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Mary Linda:

I am so glad you were able to get through the day. I sometimes wonder what people think when I talk about Scott, if it makes them uncomfortable. Then there are people with whom I can talk about him anytime - I am so grateful for them.



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