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Hi Everyone,

I just needed someone to talk to. My mom fell this week and dislocated her left shoulder. Fortunately, she didn't break anything and she is fine except for not being able to use that arm. It makes things alittle difficult especially since she is 85 years old. So, I found myself in the middle of the night sitting in the same emergency room that I sat so many times before with Pat. Although it was almost eight months ago all the feelings and emotions came flooding back. I guess we draw from some inner strength to get through such difficult times because I trully do not know how I did it. It was one of the harder things I had to do since Pat has passed. I even ran into his oncologist the next day when I went back to arrange for her ER records to be sent to the orthopedic doctor. It was difficult seeing him again also. We had a nice talk and I was able to thank him in person for everything that he did for Pat, which was nice. Again, thanks for listening and please keep my mom in your prayers in hopes that she makes a speedy recovery.


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Aww Kat

I am so sorry, bless your heart. I am so glad your mom is going to be ok but that must have been so hard.

Our son recently had a snowboarding accident and I too sat in the same er room (that Scott was taken to with his heart dissection). While we were waiting for his ct scan results, and all those horrific feelings/memories came flooding back. It takes your breath away. I am so glad you had the courage and strength to write and allow us to be there for you. Your "wound" is still so fresh and I am sure that just opened it up a bit. Please know that you will be in my prayers today.



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Kat - - I am so sorry that you had to go through returning to the emergency room with someone you love. It must have been very painful for you. The strength that we find that we have is amazing. It is such good news that she will be o.k. You will be in my prayers as will your mother.


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I am thinking of you both. And boy, do hospitals suck! I recently have visited a friend in the local hospital where we gave birth. Such good memories smashing against the awful ones - that hospital smell (even though it isn't the same hospital Scott died in). Sigh.


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