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Birthday Wishes!

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Oh, how sweet. Thank you!

The day is almost over and it was not as bad as expected.... as many of you had advised :) The leading up to was worse. I actually went to an Antique Co-op this morning and was able to not be weepy all day. My close friends and family all checked in.

I was hoping for a card or call from Joe's family but a few sent an e-mail. Funny how hanging on to people that have moved on seems so important? I guess knowing that you are doing that is probably a good step to letting it go.

Kat, thank you!

- Linda G

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Happy birthday! I'm sorry Joe's family isn't doing more, I hope you have plans with your family or friends tonight and that it goes well.


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happy birthday to you........I recently experienced my birthday and we all know it is difficult. I also did not hear from my husband's family on that day or the anniversary of his death on the 24th. I actually have not heard from them since they left my place on Xmas Eve with presents in hand. I really thought I was the only one experiencing this. I have spoken to my counsellor about it and she has given me tips along the way and I have tried everything and wasted way too much energy on them. Unfortunately my mother-in-law passed away four months after my husband so there are only 3 sibblings left and they obviously don't consider me or my son and his family part of their family anymore. All I know is I tried very hard and I know my husband would be on my side saying don't worry about it, it's not worth it and you did everything you could to keep the relationship going and that is all I should care about. I feel sad for my son though that his aunt and uncles don't give a rats a.. about family.

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Sorry I missed your birthday, Linda, so best wishes belatedly. I do hope that your inlaw take the time to include you, but if not, seems to me it is their loss. I am sure you will do your best to fill any void there might be for your son.


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