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As I posted before I lost my husband, Tim on January 31, 2010, but there are also 6 wonderful children that lost their grandpa that day. At school our 9 yr old granddaughter was given an assignment to do an Egg of Hope and I thought it was so beautiful I want to share it with all of you. This is what she wrote.

Inside this egg there is hope for my Grandpa Tim. I hope that he will finally stop suffering from his illness,

and he will have a nice time in heaven. I hope he knows that we all love him. He was a wonderful grandpa, and

I will never forget him. Atleast right now you are up in heaven and not suffering. You were great and you were

fun to be around. So Happy Easter! I love you Grandpa Tim.

Thank you for letting me share this with you. I know it will bring some tears, but I also hope it will bring some smiles because it was written from a little girls heart. God Bless you all and be with all of us during this painful time.


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Thanks for sharing, that young lady is so much more ahead of all of us....you must be so proud....

and for the tears, yes but happy tears for she is so wise...


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That is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I love the idea.


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