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Happy Birthday 2Sweetgirls

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Happy Birthday 2Sweetgirls. So sorry for your pain. I (and everyone else here) totally understand. Over 2 years since the loss of my mom and I miss her more today than ever. It does not seem right that life for us should go on. But it does.

Be kind to yourself and know that you mom would want you to be happy on your birthday. I know that does not help, but it is true.

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Happy Birthday. I believe that with every year we become more stronger and more closer to our loved ones who are here and everywhere. You do not have anything to worry about. Your mom is looking after you, as is my best friend after me, and we after them.

Take care,


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I really hope you may be able to at least find some joy out of today. I will be thinking of you 2sweetgirls!

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Oh my lord. Thank you all so much. This is the first time I came to this website today. I am so surprised. Thank you, Lila for starting it. That is so sweet. Also,thank you to all of you who sent me best wishes for my birthday and everyone else too.

The day started off a bit rocky (my 9 year old had to console me this morning while I cried over my coffee) but the day got better. My friend came over brought gifts, flowers, lunch, cake and, most of all, her ear and some humanity and wonderful friendship. We laughed. We cried. She saved me today. I called my dad this morning, as I do every day, and when he answered the phone he yelled "Happy Birthday, baby" in his Italian accent. Really cute.

I enjoyed a nice dinner with my family and that was nice too. Instead of cake, we had ice cream cones on the patio. My husband planned a family trip to celebrate my birthay, which we will go on in August. The baby just learned how to say "I love you, mommy" so I enjoyed coaxing it out of her all day. A gift for sure.

Thank you all so much again. I am really touched.


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