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I have a "practical question" in which I greatly need some advice. I live in Florida and I am trying to put together a hurricane kit. I know the need for water, food, batteries etc. I need some suggestions as to how to protect and quickly be able to grab those things that I hold so dear now. I have no one left, so all of my memories are in photos, journals, books etc that belonged to those who I hold dear. My fear is that I will have to evacuate and I will forget to take some of these precious items. Obviously I won't be able to take all of them, but I need some advice as to how to select the items and then how to make the items available to myself when I want to look at them and how to keep them secure and able to grab them quickly in case of emergency. Hope this makes sense. I am having a terrible day. Just sat in the parking lot of the local grocery store and cried my eyes out. I miss my husband and my parents so much, I don't know what to do!! I am overwhelmed with grief and hurt

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Redwind, I am so sorry for your loss and I know that holds little meaning right now. I became a member of this group 5 years ago. So many have found their way to this site that is a life-line. Here everyone understands the pain. Someone will always be here to walk beside you through this journey. I so dearly miss my husband but the pain eases with time to a dull ache.

I reply to your post because I also prepare for hurricanes......Mississippi. And I know it's hard to think right now and to have to deal with this on your own is hard. So maybe I can help by posting my way of preparing. The first year, the year my husband passed, all I could do was put all my importanant items in zip lock bags and then into an ice chest. I sealed the chest with duct tape. The first hurricane was 3 months after Gene passed. After that season I realized I needed to organize a little better since I had no intentions of moving. I spent a month scanning every photo I had and put them on a disc. I then vaccum sealed the disc so it would be safe. I now have a bigger ice chest w/rollers. Important papers and items go into zip lock bags and into the chest at the beginning of every season. If I should need to evacuate then I have everything ready to just load into my vehicle. I have my name, address, and phone no written inside the chest should it become seperated from me.

I remember feeling so sorry for myself that first hurricane season. Had no power for 3 days but was thankful I had all the camping gear that we moved here from Arizona. I prayed for strength to figure it all out and I did what I needed to and got through it all. I've never had to evacuate (Natchez, MS) but I am always prepared to and the first thing....the chest....is already should the need arrive.

I don't know how much "my way" may help. I know I couldn't think or make decisions for the first year of my journey. Having been born in South Lousiana I knew what to do to prepare.........no one told me how to do it alone and I reached way down inside to do it. But I know Gene was watching and proud that I could firgure out the coleman lantern.

I wish you a peaceful season.

You do not walk alone at this site.

I wish a day of peace for everyone.

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Dear One,

I'm so sorry that you're feeling so alone right now, but with a storm like this looming, I can certainly understand why. Do you have any friends or neighbors with whom you can share some of your concerns? If you haven't yet reached out to your local hospice organization for some sort of support or referral to whatever "in person" bereavement support is available in your community, this may be a good time to do so. It's so important to surround yourself with other people you can rely upon, especially at a time like this.

As far as what to take with you in the event of an emergency evacuation, I think if you Google "what to take in an emergency evacuation?" you'll find an extensive list of resources that may be helpful. For example, here are some I found just now:

Emergency Evacuation Checklist, http://www.phantomra...ty/evaclist.htm

Preparing for an Emergency Family Evacuation, http://childparentin...evacuatio_2.htm

FEMA Evacuation Plans, http://www.fema.gov/...evacuation.shtm

[And Hello to very dear Evelyn :wub: It's wonderful to "see" you here again! Your post is terrific, and I thank you so much for sharing your very practical "been there, done that" suggestions!]

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I have packed numerous times for hurricanes. Last year was the first time that I was alone since Pat passed at the end of June. Fortunately, we had a very quiet season. From the looks of it this year is going to be a different story.

I make a list of everything that I want to take when hurricane season starts so when the time comes I am not running around like a crazy person. Also have a plan where you might go.

I have all my important papers, i.e. insurance policies, birth certificates, etc. in a fireproof box. I just take the box with me. I take all of my pictures with me along with my jewelry. I don't fool with the pictures until I am ready to pack eveything up but once I pack them I don't put them away until I know we will probably not have anymore storms. I also keep a little extra cash in the house and I make sure that I keep my car filled with gas. Even if there is no need to evacuate it is a good idea because if power is lost for any length of time you will not be able to fill up the car or use credit cards.

I also make sure that I have batteries, candles, water and can goods on hand. I sometimes go overboard but I would rather be safe then sorry.

Just remember if you do have to evacuate unplug appliances like the microwave and televisions. I also clean the fridge out. I throw away the milk etc. I also put everything in my freezer in a garbage bag. That way if it happens to defrost all I have to do is put the bag in the trash. Learned the hard way from Katrina.

Let's just say a prayer that this season isn't as busy as they have predicted.

Take care, Kat

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