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Mrs. B

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Hi, Just the other day I posted that my cats were my company since rick died and they were his sucks. Well I got up this morning and could not find Boo . I looked all over. she was a cat the hid lots anyway and i didn t think much of it. But when she did nt come for food this morning i started looking in all her spots. She was in none of them. I started to panic that maybe she got out but I found her behind my couch . She was dead and i dont know why . she was only 7 years old. I buried here in my bad yard and that was so hard, I keep saying stupid cat she was just a cat but damn it hurts. It was like losing rick all over again cause she was his suck cat. Ill miss her so much. she would be ready for bed at 10 and i had to lift the sheet up so she would come under pussy foot around and them sleep. I hate death .


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Oh Mrs. B ~ I'm so sorry to learn this sad news about your kitty Boo :( Clearly she was very special to you, and a link to your beloved Rick as well. I'm sure this death has reawakened so many awful emotions that you thought you had put to rest. Please know that I am thinking of you, and sending my deepest sympathy for your loss

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Mrs. B,

I'm so sorry. Our pets are everything to us, and I am so sorry you are again facing loss. As Marty said, sometimes it can trigger our original loss for a while.

Our "Tigger" ran away a month or two after George died, I guess he gave it enough time that he figured George wasn't coming back. It was hard because it was George's cat but it was mine too and I guess it made me feel like chopped liver, I will never forget the look on his face the last time I saw him. I got another cat then, Chappy, and he was my little lover-boy, I felt God gave him to me after George died, he'd sleep with his little paws around my neck, I really loved him...and then he got eaten by a cougar. :( Then our old cat, King George, passed away, about a year after my George did. And then my Lucky girl (dog) died. It all is so hard to take. I have a new dog now, Arlie, and if I lost him or my newer cats, Miss Mocha and Kitty, it would be really hard. In fact, I hate to see the day I lose Arlie, he is my life.

I wish there was something I could do for you, but please know I am sending prayers your way along with (((hugss))).


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