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Reincarnation Scares Me

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OMG I just came across this news clip online about an 11 year who seesm to be reincarnated and I'm scared.


I've never really believed in it, never gave it much thought really but the thought of it after seeing this is something that is really really scaring me.

I don't want my Dad going anywhere, coming back to earth as some child or whatever....I want him to just wait for me so that when my life is over I can see him and be with him again....FOREVER, not to have to come back here and go through all this $*** again.

If reincarnation exists then what on earth does that mean for our loved ones who've crossed over, what does it mean for us when we do.

I know it's just another question nobody can answer for sure, but this is just weird ....what about all the people who that boy left behind back in the day, now when they cross over the can't be with him coz he's back here. I really don't want to go around in loops forever.

I am scared, the one and only constant I've had (most of the time) is that my Dad is waiting for me and one day I'll be with him again.

Now this stuff honestly scares the life out of me.

Ok, I REALLY need to get all this out of my head and stop thinking about it.

anyone else's thoughts on this ?


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Dear Niamh,

Firstly, I must say I am not an expert on religions, there are over 2000 known christian religions and probably over 60 different christian Denominations. the reason for this is, when a group does not agree with certain christian doctrine, they breakaway and start a new group and so forth.

There is also many other Faiths in this wide world of ours, eg the Buddhist and Hindus who believe in reincarnation.

The Jewish religion, Believe in God Almighty, the Muslim in Allah through the prophet Mohammed.

The main stream of the Christian Religion believes the only way to God Almighty is through His Beloved Son the Lord Jesus Christ accepting Him into our lives and seeking repentance for our sins we are assure of salvation through Grace and have eternal life upon our death and will meet our love ones at the time of resurrection.

In the Christian Belief there is No reincarnation, having said that, if one happens to be a Buddhist or Hindu then their belief does differ from other religions.

In my case, I am now a Christian Believer for over 30 years, previously I was a follower of the Buddhist faith and did believe in reincarnation but since accepting Christ my views and beliefs have taken a dramatic change, I am now at a point in my life and even with the demise of my husband to have found peace and comfort through my christian Faith.

Whenever, i feel fearful, I pray and the feeling of fear, despair, slowly and surely deminish. I would suggest you approach a Christian Hospice or even a minister of your local church and sound them of your concern, someone within the Christian Organisation will no doubt ease your fear.

In His Loving Grip,


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Dear niamh,

I would like to try and give some comfort. I have believed in reincarnation all of my life, and to me it is like a comfort rather than fear; I shall try and give some of this feeling here in my post, as well as explanation.

Reincarnation says that each of us, rather than dying forever when our body dies, is actually a form of pure spirit. The soul is the essence of this spirit form. The soul lives forever and ever. Each soul has a place in eternal realms. Souls do sometimes go through cycles of various lives - animals and human - but we all eventually go back to our original place of being. We are all together again.

Those souls with deep connections are said to encounter each other in repeated lives, because the souls carry over from life to life, certain intelligence and memories. As far as reincarnation goes, you will be with your father again, and there is no way that your father would forget you. I believe it is very possible that, as you say, your father is waiting for you 'on the other side.'

As for how it all happens, well, common Hindu beliefs are that our souls are alloted certain bodies according to our individual karma, and the better karma we get, the better body we get, so that we may go more quickly back to eternal realms. Hinduism believes that the human body is a sign of good karma and that those born in a human body, especially people in the mode of goodness, are most likely to go right back to eternal realms after death. Once there, we are free from the 'loops' of birth and death, forever. Reincarnation is simply a sort of thing to encourage us to utilize our lives, right now this second, for the best purposes we can.

I hope that something of what I said is of some comfort. If anything I said was scary, please accept my apologies. As golden48, I suggest prayer as the surest way to ease fears.


take care,


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golden48 & Chai,

thank you both so much for replying to my message and for you words of comfort. It really doesn't take much to rattle me these days and shake any belief I try to have.

I've just been focusing on my Dad, the love and bond we have and telling myself of course he is somewhere out there waiting for me, that he knows and sees all that I am struggling with these days and that he still loves me with all his heart.

Hugs to both of you,



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I want to thank you for posting this thread. I am a believer in reincarnation and actually comforted by it. It's the only thing that has ever made sense to me in this crazy world. I like what Chai wrote and do agree with her take on things.

I believe that our loved ones are on the "other side" so to speak and that they we will be with them again, in one way or the other.


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This week I was drawn to go over to Borders and ended up looking at books related to the topic of "the other side." I was looking for some kind of validation of thinking my mother had let her presence be known in various ways over the past few months. I really found some interesting books that left me feeling good. I do take this simply as someone's interpretation, but a lot of what I read made sense to me.

I really liked the book Conversations with the Other Side by Sylvia Browne. One thing that was mentioned in the section on reincarnation was that our loved ones wait for us to come home before they reincarnate. This was actually discussed in this book that I found of much comfort. I think we all will see, and be with, our loved ones when we leave this planet. And, yes, of course, you will be with your dad again, and I would believe he understands your struggles as well.

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Thanks Grace,I try hard and keep telling myself he has to be "there" but it never takes much to knock me over feeling panicked about what if he's not,a simple news story,stuff scientists go on about scare me every so often but I try to believe. This so called life filled with stress,pain sadness etc can't truly all be for nothing. I can't wait for the day I hope we'll all be together again.

I did get a book called Hello from Heaven where people have these wonderful experiences with their loved ones who've crossed over. I read a little but found it too difficult not having had a real one myself but I hold onto the book dearly and hope someday I can read more.


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