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Now May Be The Time To Cast Your Line


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Another insightful article from Catherine Tidd, a 34-year old widow and mother to three young children:

Dating after a spouse-loss is kind of like standing on a ledge with a bungee cord attached to you. You sweat, hoping that that bungee cord is gonna hold. You may be ready to take the plunge. Or you may take one look at the view (which looks just fine without the addition of our innards splattered below, thank you very much) and step away. Or, standing on the ledge, we may need a friendly push from a well-intentioned friend who we may be mad at while we're swinging but once we're on firm ground we'll give them a big ol' hug.


I don't want anyone reading this to think that I am insensitive to the fact that some people just aren't ready. I know that and I completely respect it. But sometimes I just think that many people don't think there are any other good fish in the sea.

So, let's think of it like this: If you've cast your line before…what are the chances you caught the only good fish? Read on

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And here's another one from blogger Catherine Tidd, aka Widow Chick:

I think there’s a misperception, when we start dating, that we have moved on.

Actually, let me start a little further back.

I hate the phrase “moved on.”

Moved on from what? Our lives? Our memories? Can anyone do that?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to move on. Do I want to have a happy life? Yes. Do I think that it’s possible? Yes. Do I think I can have a happy life and carry the memories (both good and bad) of my husband with me?

Absolutely. Read on

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I love that article Esp. the part about her sense of humor taking a turn into the "sick and wrong"! LOL Very interesting slant on it...

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