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I want to see what everyone thinks of mediums.I know this topic is touchy,and I do not want to offend anyone in any way,but I'm confused and need opinions.This last weekend I drove a few hours to attend a seminar that I had bought tickets to 2 weeks after my dad died.I had been waiting for this for 7 months.I was beyond excited,and just knew this famous medium would pick me for a reading.Guess what...I was picked for a reading!But after my reading I was left feeling more unsure and confused then ever.Half of what she said was true,or could be true.The other half was totally wrong and so far off base with my dad that I dont know what to think.I feel like the info was generalized and alot of what did make sense could be applied to most young women who lost their fathers.I'm so devastated by this.I believed this medium was the real deal.She is one of the best mediums in the world.I thought I would be able to move on in peace knowing our loved ones are still around us.Now I dont know what to think.I want to believe so much...but I'm a deep thinker and logical person.I know there are people on this site that believe 100%.I have always believed before,now I feel I need solid proof.Please share your thoughts....I need help!

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I don't know if mediums are real or not. My husband died this past year and we were extremely close. I have felt his presence and even smelled his cologne while dreaming. This has only happened when I have needed him the most. When I am awake I often speak to him, when I am sad I tell him how much pain I'm in and ask for his strength. I have felt his touch in my dreams and have felt a rushing back to reality when he leaves me. I have always dreamed a lot but these dreams are very, very diffrent. He has only spoken to me twice. I never thought I would be writing about my experience. I have chosen to keep it to myself because I thought people would think I was crazy. I hope this helps. cheryl

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Thank you Cheryl,it does help.That is what I need to hear.I have had some things happen,that I would believe is from my dad,and when I was younger I had a good friend who was murdered,and I,along with 2 others felt her presence strongly once.It is important to me to keep believing he is well,and somehow around.Today I woke up thinking maybe this medium did connect with his energy,just maybe misunderstood somethings.My brother says he is starting to believe it,and he is the biggest skeptic.Anyway,I'm very glad your husband shows you he is still there for you.I cant imagine how bad it hurts.No one will say your crazy,because most people who lost someone they love have had these things happen.I thought people would say I'm crazy for doubting it.Thank you.

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Hi Loulou,

I'd like to share with you a message that appears in the Fall 2010 edition of The Swan Letter, a quarterly newsletter published by Terri Daniel, author of A Swan in Heaven: Conversations Between Two Worlds and Embracing Death: A New Look at Grief, Gratitude and God. (Terri is an author, spiritual advisor, certified transiton guide and bereaved mother who works with metaphysical and spiritual issues related to death and dying. Read more about Terri at her Web site, Afterlife Awareness)

Here is the excerpt from Terri's newsletter, sent to me via e-mail this morning:


A Channeled Message...

Usually we include a channeled message from Danny each newsletter, but this time we have something different to share with you. Many of you are familiar with our online forum, The Danny Dialogs, and if so, you know that several of our members have learned how to receive messages from their guides. One such member, Chris Seaton, who lives in England, has become quite the channeler, and often posts profound messages to our forum. Last week Chris offered a message that was so beautiful and useful in helping others to open their psychic conduits, that I got his permission to post it here:


Before I begin today, please allow me to say hello to the newer members of the group, and to convey to them that their recent losses, whilst being significant, are not permanent. I will say categorically right here, right now, that love does not, and CANNOT die. The love you share with a person, a pet, an ideal, or anything, is eternal. Physical death cannot destroy this energy. The person, or pet, or ideal may exist no more in the physical sense, or in your particular dimension of space and time, but they absolutely, undeniably and utterly DO still exist, and you will enjoy a wonderful reunion at some future point. That future point is already destined, and ideally, should not be forced.

In the meantime, in the right conditions, your loved ones can communicate with you in the most ingenious of ways. A light spirit body will search for energy forms to use in order to get your attention. Electricity is most ideal for the purpose, therefore flashing lights, appliances being mysteriously energised, electronic sounds etc are common [but not necessary -- Terri]. And of course, many of your kind who possess inherent mediumistic abilities can channel messages on your behalf. These are specially adapted souls who see and hear into another dimension. In the fullness of time, just about all of the human race will share this ability.

It troubles me when I hear of recently bereft people who are so desperate to make contact with their departed loved ones that they hurt, and become dejected and despondent. Please understand that it is entirely possible to try too hard. Your departed loved one, or an agent acting on their behalf, requires a calm, quiet, still mind to carry out their work. Your departed loved one may not be quite ready yet to communicate, but help is always available via an agent. This agent could be a family member or friend who has existed in the spirit realms for a significant time, at least within your comprehension. I say this because time does not exist in those realms. It is of absolute importance that you approach this communication with one single objective, and the optimum method is via meditation. This is the only way in which your mind can quiet itself suitably for the higher vibrations to reach you. You will not realise this absolutely, but you will meet your loved one, or agent, half way. Through meditation, you will temporarily leave "yourself". This will be when the conditions are ideal for your departed loved one to offer you some words, or an image, or a sound, or a touch.

Yes, you may still receive "messages" when not in this state from time to time. This will be at times when certain conditions are ideal for spirit to "shout" to you. Meditation, however, will offer you a more consistent path to your loved ones. The mind is such a powerful generator, and when busy, is quite incapable of reaction to the subtlety required for spirit contact. It needs to be used in "receive" mode, and it might help to visualise precisely that. If you can visualise your own mind with an antenna receiving information, pictures and data, then that will surely help.

Your family, friends and helpers in the spirit realms absolutely cherish contact with you. Such contact brings joy and celebration. And please remember that there is no time in spirit. The channel is always in one position, and that position is "OPEN."


I don't know if it's of any interest to you, Loulou, but you may want to consider visiting The Danny Dialogs, "for anyone interested in after-death communication and the journey of the soul, particularly those who are grieving the death of a loved one." Read more here . . .

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I have also been toying with the idea of booking a session with a medium, but I hesitate because I don't know who to contact or how to know if they're legitimate. I read several books by a world-renowned medium, only to go online and find a bunch of articles that make him out to be a fraud. I'm sure that many mediums can channel lost loved ones -- I can't claim to say otherwise -- but unfortunately, as with anything else, there are also those who seem to be in the business of taking advantage of grieving people who are in a vulnerable state and desperate for some contact with a loved one -- and who will pay a virtual stranger hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get that contact.

My elderly mother passed away a couple of weeks ago after a long illness, and although I've had some interesting experiences, including an unusual animal sighting, a strong fragrance one morning in the hall outside the bedroom, and a dream my sister had of Mom's passage into the spirit world at the exact time of her death...there is still a sketical part of me that wonders if it's just all coincidence and our brains' way of trying to attach significance to things that really have no meaning. After losing someone you've been very close to, the thought that they've just vanished into oblivion and ceased to exist is beyond bearing...we feel a profoundly deep and desperate need to believe that they're still around in some form. In many cases, this belief can save people from utter depression and despair. For myself, I know that if I was 100% sure Mom was still spiritually alive, happy, healthy and watching over us, and that I would be seeing her again when it's my turn to die, I would stop grieving immediately and carry on with my life in joy and peace. But, we just don't know for sure, and so we grieve....

I am still open to the idea of talking to a medium, but I don't know who to choose or how to go about choosing him/her. I am so afraid of being disappointed and having my hopes crushed. In the meantime, I have ordered a couple of books about life after death, after researching many titles on the topic, and am eagerly awaiting their arrival.

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I'm sorry for the loss of your mom.It's so hard to move on.I agree that if I knew he was around and was ok I would be so much better.That's I guess why I need to know so much.Its crazy that you said you had an unusual animal sighting.That happened to me.I would drive around in the country listening to music with a friend who also loved my dad.We would cry and talk about him.On 2 occasions we saw a fox that walked right up to our car and stared right into my eyes for at least 5 min.It freaked me out at the time.I had never seen a fox in my life.They arnt popular around here.I looked up meanings of foxes and it said Chinese believe a fox is a deceased loved one paying a visit.I too have read books on the after life and had lots of things happen that make me believe,but like you,I always doubt myself.Thats the thing.I believe,but she made me question.

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Thank you, MartyT! I've already read some of these posts and feel better.

On the morning after Mom died, I asked for a sign from her to let me know she was still with me and doing okay. I got up, looked out the window, and to my amazement, saw a beautiful yearling deer on the back lawn. What made it especially significant is that when my mother's sister Thelma died four years ago, five wild turkeys turned up on the back lawn the morning after she died. I remember Mom remarking that she felt it was a message from Thelma, pointing out that both "turkey" and "Thelma" begin with a "t".

My mother's name was Doris, and both Doris and deer begin with a "d".

I saw another deer this morning on the way to work, running across a field. I hardly ever see deer, although I know they're around, so it's interesting that I've seen two in as many weeks. From now on, whenever I see deer, I will think of Mom.

On the night Mom died, and at almost exactly the same time she passed (1:30 AM), my sister reported a dream she had just as she was dropping off to sleep. She saw Mom make her transition to the afterlife to be greeted by a Chinese lady who was there to guide her and show her where to go. My grandmother, who passed 20 years ago, was also there. My sister heard Mom say: "I feel so strong!" and the Chinese lady answered: "Yes, isn't it great?"

A week or two before Mom died, she also started talking about her sister and brother as if they were still alive, yet they died four and six years ago, respectively. She referred to some National Geographic magazines on her table one day, saying that Arthur (her brother) had dropped them off. Another day, she asked for her sister Thelma, and wondered when she was going to visit again. So it seems she was getting visits from her deceased family during her final days.

All these incidents have been a great comfort, as long as I can push away that little skeptical part of me that keeps trying to tell me it's all coincidence or wishful thinking. I hope other people read them and also take comfort from them in their own grief.

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Dear LouLou,

I just came across this today. I have been waiting for you to post your experience with the Medium. They say that for the Medium it is like getting the messages via phone. Sometimes the messages can be really clear and sometime the reception is not so clear. I am sure the Medium did have contact with your Dad. It sounds like some of it was true. That is what you need to hold onto. They can never be 100% accurate. It sounds like you want to believe and you have gotten signs from your Dad. Believe in those signs because they are from your precious Dad.

We are never given 100% proof of the afterlife. That is where Faith comes in. You have to have Faith. I think you truly believe it in your heart. You have gotten ADCs from your Dad and that is proof that he is alive and healed. Continue to ask your Dad for signs and to visit you in your dreams. He will come in his own time. As I said before, sometimes we are in so much pain grieving their loss that the signs from our precious loved ones can’t get through.

Read and research as much as you can about the afterlife. Also, how can it not be true when so many people all across the world have experienced ADCs? It is not just in ones head. The ADCs are true contact from our loved ones. No one can make you believe. You have to find that path yourself.

You have also experienced seeing a fox and it was looking into your eyes. That is definitely a sign from your Dad. He is around you and still a big part of your life. He always will be. He will continue to guide like always. If you need advice from him, ask him. I’m sure you will get your answer. He will never abandon you. He loves you very much. He wants you to be happy. You will be together again someday.

What did the Medium say that makes you doubt more? It is the ADCs you have had with your Dad? Those are true ADCs from you Dad. Do not doubt them. Your Dad does live just in a different dimension. What is wonderful is he can still communicate with you. You just need to be open to it and look for the signs. It is a new way of communicating since his is in the Spiritual Form now. He is creating new memories with you. Sure it is different than when he was here in the physical form but you know, it is better than nothing. Meditation is hard but if one keeps on practicing daily I’m sure it becomes easier.

Sending you love, hugs, comfort and strength.


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