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The First Morning

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Melissa, here I am, in our spot,

On my first morning without you,

Melissa, the morning has broken,

The sun is rising,

Shimmering light through the trees,

Shining through the mist,

Moving it along, as if alive,

Revealing the ocean in all it’s grandeur,

The wild flowers are still opening up,

A little girl, with tear filled eyes,

Her upturned face aglow,

A woman with tear filled eyes,

Her downward face aglow,

Said, “Melissa it wasn’t time for you to go”,

My eyes are searching for you,

My ears are listening for you,

My arms reaching out for you,

My heart aching without you,

My mind reflecting on our love,

You were the wisest of wise,

In my mind, no suspicions ever arose,

I believed in you devoutly,

Now, it feels there is a dagger in my heart,

I can barely keep it from falling apart.

A tree with no fruit, a bird with no feathers,

A desert barren and dry.

Oh God, carry me now for I can not.

Thank you for letting me share.....Carol Ann

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I remember the first morning after Scott died, standing outside in the sun and a warm wind blowing through the trees and grass. It was surreal and just didn't seem right that it was such a beautiful morning, but that he was gone (understatement....).

Your words are a beautiful tribute.


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Very beautifully written...who is the author?

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Thank you all for taking the time to read my poem. Kayc, I am the author. Melissa, was more to me than life itself. That is one of my healthy coping strategies....to write.

Blessings, Carol Ann

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