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The Poor Innocent Bystanders

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So I got a new credit card in the mail today. Funny, I didn't order a new card and my old one doesn't expire until April of next year......and this one had a new account number on it? So I called the credit card company. Why would I be sent a new card?

The man that answered my call clearly had no idea what he was in for when he answered my call. He asked what he could help me with and I explained that I received a new card in the mail that I had not ordered and that it had a new account number on it - could he explain why? He proceeded to tell me that they had upgraded me, the new card had some wonderful new features that I could now take advantage of.

Well, I was not pleased - I only use the card for two things, my netflix acct and my newspaper are charged directly to it every month. Now I would have to figure out who to even contact at these places to change my account information with them. Do I need to worry about anything else right now? I was reduced to tears.....and was not very nice when I told the gentleman that I was not happy about this, that it was just creating more work for me!

Why was over reacting about this? It is CHANGE! I have had enough things changed in the last two months since Jeff died.....I was not wanting, nor welcoming anymore change!! This was yet another thing that I have no control over.

Has anyone else taken out their frustrations on an innocent bystander? And then felt really bad about it afterwards??

Lord, there are days where I am convinced I am losing my mind!!


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Hi Tammy,

Yes, I had the same reaction as you did over the silliest things. But you're right, we have too many things to process at this time and an added phone call can put you over the edge.

Lars has been gone for close to 10 months now, and the important things are all taken care of. He subscribed to a few magazines and some have time left on them. I sent in a name change to the magazines and could not believe that one cancelled, with no refund and wanted me to reorder at the higher price because I was a new customer. Surprisingly.. they do not have my business anymore.

Dealing with phone calls.. once the person knew why I was calling most were very nice and even helpful to a degree.Hopefully this is something that doesn't happen to you often.



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Yep, been there...after Jim broke up with me, I was at McDonald's and ordered a diet Dr. Pepper and paid for it. Went to get the drink and there was something wrong with it, tasted like Alka Seltzer. Went back and stood in line (again) and told the young dumb girl about it and said I wanted either a drinkable soda or my money back. She responded by ignoring me and taking the next customer. After standing there for ten minutes with no help, no offers, no $ back, I got involved again. I told the manager about it and let them know they needed to TRAIN their help (there's an idea) since they apparently don't have the common sense they need.

TOTAL overreaction on my part. And the other customer next to me's look on her face told me so. I wanted to tell them my fiance just broke up with me by Fed Ex and I'm sorry if I'm overreacting but I'm not in my right mind at the moment! But I didn't. I just left there, wondering what was the matter with me. Normally I'm not like that. It's like we have no tolerance left.

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I had one of these so called charity solicitations (they use the name of the charity and then give the actual charity one dollar of the twenty that you pledge to give them, it is a very popular scam these days) They called for my wife the other day and when I asked them what I could do for them they were very persistent about speaking only with her. After several times of asking them what I could do for them they said they would call back when she was home to talk with her. I have asked them previously not to call again, the fact that they kept asking me why they couldn't speak to her made me snap, I went off on them like there was no tomorrow, I used every profanity in the book and even made up a few of my own, this lady actually stayed on the line for the whole thing and still had the nerve to ask me why she couldn't speak to my wife, when I told her she had passed away in April her reply was "How am I supposed to know that?" I don't expect her to know that, I expect someone to leave me alone after being asked the first three times. I'm not so sure these folks end up in the innocent bystander category. I know it's not right to speak to people that way but it sure felt good that day. I know she has a job to do but she picked the wrong place to call that day for sure.....BW

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