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I Looked At The Calendar Today.....

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So I looked at the calendar this morning and was hit with a memory. A year ago my dear sweet husband brought home a big bouquet of flowers - and when I asked what the occasion was he explained that it was our 6 month wedding anniversary......and wanted me to have flowers on that day just in case he wasn't here for our one year anniversary. I don't think there is a better example of bittersweet than that moment.

It's been 9 months since Jeff died.....I certainly have many more good days than bad, but sometimes a memory will sneak up on me and take my breath away. The emotions can still be overwhelming at times, but I've made it this far.....I guess that's a good thing??

I wish nothing but peace and happiness for you all - this is not an easy journey. Be kind to yourselves and just take one thing at a time.



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I prefer to address our spouse's departure's from this world as passing from here to the beginning of a new life, then things are not so dismal

as I know when I also pass I will be reunited with my Love....and even as I Love again I have thoughts of how things will be when we all meet up

in our life "hereafter"...sounds as if we are all having some rough waves, must be the time of year, with Easter approaching the celebration of the resurrection Jesus, I feel the Angels are sad therefore we are sad as we have our own Angels with us daily even when we are not aware...but on the positive side I just transplanted some Easter Liliy's I had brought from "our" old home Ruth's favorite flower and Brenda dug up every single one leaving none behind, these had been in containers since moving about 4 weeks ago and showing signs of stress with no blooms so I found a nice place for them because I was hoping they would bloom by Easter and as I was cleaning up my mess I went inside for a drink of water and returned outside to find that 2 blooms had popped and were in all there glory standing proud in there new yard, a true sign of God's presence and the power of new life....I hope this day takes a positive turn and that you may be comforted from your despair...thoughts and prayers...


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What a dear sweet man! I can see why you miss him so much.



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Tammy, yes you have made it this far, and that is a good thing. Like you, I have more good days than bad, but the bad do sneak up on me once in a while. I stay real busy with community theater, and with friends, but it is not always enough. Mike has been gone now over 15 months, and I still somedays just cannot believe he is gone. Staying busy is the key for me, if I sit at home, I tend to think too much. My yard does not look as good as when Mike was here, he was the gardener, however I am having a new flowerbed with red azaleas put in next week. He would have loved that! Am retiring next month, and planning a trip to Arizona to visit my best friend, looking forward to that.

Wishing strength for us all, and more good days than bad ones.

Mary (Queeniemary) in Arkansas

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