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Yesterday Was Not A Bad Day

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A couple of minutes ago I was having a cup of coffee and checking emails when it dawned on me that yesterday was a good day.

The time's I was reminded of Ruth by something or thought of her yesterday did not make me cry, maybe a little moist. I smiled when the thoughts came.

It's like she was more with me yesterday when applying for jobs, especially on some of the assessment tests I took for jobs yesterday.

Yesterday my contract was up with Verizon so I did go with Cricket yesterday and they had a special for $100 of cell phones. That was really a surprise so I got the the LG Optimus C I really wanted for $99. The same price as the really low quality phone I was almost going to have to buy.

So I now have a Smartphone/Android cell phone. So far the phone is smarter than me (can't believe all the things in this phone) and it does seem alien to me...................:wacko:

I watched one of her favorite Monday night shows last night, Cake Boss. One spot Buddy the Cake Boss, said something really funny. One of his Buddy'ism's and I could actually see her laughing at that in my mind. I am going to try and watch another of her favorite shows tonight, Deadliest Catch.

My oldest son Tom seems to be doing better after having that gun stuck in his face last Friday and is going to a counseling session today that the city of Mesa set up.

I hope everyone finds one piece of happiness somewhere today.

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I am glad you had a good day. And that you son is getting some help for what had happened to him. I look forward to having some good days my self. I hope they come soon, and you have many more days like yesterday.


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Good for you Brian! Doesn't it feel good to have memories that warm our hearts and feed our souls? Sometimes, it is hard to think and see positive, happy things, but they are there. Hope you have many, many more good days!


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I hope one of those good days is today for you.

What is still strange at least for me, the good days are not noticed until the next day.

I am still not "living" in the moments of the present day ?

Very strange.

Take care

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Brian, I'm glad the day went well for you...also that your son is going to get some help dealing with his horrific experience.

It's okay to reflect on something from the day before, that doesn't mean we aren't in the present, sometimes it's good to assess things and often we're too tired at the end of the day so it has to wait until the morrow. I'm finding that happens for me more and more since I've been laid off...this looking for work stuff is harder than working! Good luck in your continued job search!

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