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Hi All!

It's been a little while since I last posted on here, so I thought I'd give a little update.

So I've been going to the counsellor at my University since January, and I'm still going. She's not specifically a grief counsellor, but I've grown to like talking to her now. I mean, I'm still not talking completely open to her, but for me to even be seeing a counsellor is amazing :-) I didn't think I'd like it, but I actually like going to talk to someone who understands and who can give me advice and try to help with whatever issues there are.

She has suggested that I go to a support group session in September, and the thought of talking to a bunch of people I don't know and telling them my story is scary. She knows this. I've said I would think about it...I'm coming round to the idea ever so slightly.

Anyway, things in general are actually going quite well. My part-time job is enjoyable, and my University life is going well.

Hope you are all okay!

Amy :-)

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Amy, perhaps you could try going to a support group and just listening? I doubt they'd push you to share if you're not comfortable with it. It might help just being with others who "get it". I'm glad your counselor is of help to you. Thanks for the update!

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