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Maybe this song will help someone else cope

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Hi everyone,I'm new here but share a common life changing event like many of you fine people do too.

My  niece  Lisa passed away a few months ago and her mom (my sister) asked me to write something to remember her by.

We also did a video to accompany the song,and my niece's daughter Shelby,would like me to share this with others

in hopes that we might bring some comfort to another person in honor of her beautiful mother.

Thanks for listening,

Chris D.


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Thank you so much for sharing this.  My condolences on your loss, it's very hard to adjust.

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Thanks so much your kind words KayC and Heidi,we all really appreciate it.

And sorry about losing your mom Heidi,grief is never easy to deal with but it's battle you can win given some time.

Writing seems to help me,maybe it might work for you or anyone else too.

Take care,



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Hi Chris,

I am just reading your post and I am so sorry for your loss. The video of your niece, Lisa, is just beautiful. I loved watching it and seeing all the smiles.

Thank you for sharing it here. I know others will be as touched by the video as I was. What you shared will help others.


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