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Veterans Day 2015

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Thinking of my dad today as I awoke and put out the flag. I lost him at 90 four years ago. He was my hero, my mentor, and a hell of a good man.  I put on the green light too because it is a day to honor very special people who made it possible to live in a country as great as ours. In my grief's journey over the last four years, I have been honored to meet a few wives who have lost their military husbands and my feeling towards this day has changed greatly. My son also changed my view serving for twenty years now and I know the sacrifices made by all of them and so now when I look at the flag on this day, I think of the families too. To be widowed is hard. I know this but widowed by war or keeping peace, that is unimaginable. 

When I look at this picture of my granddaughter meeting my son after a deployment, I can't help but be grateful for what  sacrifices all of them make. Here is to veterans all.

Sophie and Daddy.jpg

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Veteran's Day is on my mind today too...thinking of all of the servicemen past and present.  I'm honored to say my son, his dad, my dad, my FIL, my grandfather, all served our country during war times.  We owe our servicemen a lot.  Today I'm thinking of my daughter's best friends who are struggling because he served his country and now has very severe PTSS that causes problems in his family's everyday life.  Some of them sacrificed a LOT!

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