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Simple things are so hard now

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I send boxes periodically to my son in California.  He sounded really down the other day, so I had to get another box ready.  A few books, treats and of  course dog treats.  Al and I  used to get these boxes ready together.  He would always arrange the items because he could always pack more than I could.  He would hold the box in place while I taped it.  Again, I am doing it alone and having a bad time.  Even a simple thing like mailing a box brings back painful memories.  I guess they just keep on coming!

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Yes, they just keep coming. Every time  something in this house breaks or breaks down I just want to cry. Richard was the one to take care of that stuff. Although I'm pretty good at fixes things it gets me every time because I know I'm now doing what he would have done for me. 

That is really sweet that you send your son a box like that. 

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It is sweet, sending your son a box.  Wouldn't you love receiving a box like that?  You're a wonderful lady, a good mom.  And I do know what you mean.  Even after all these years, I still notice the doing things without George...that he should be here.  I just told him so last night.

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