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  1. Tom, No, you haven't lost it. I think that is great. I have been saying that Richard must have brought Bill into my life. I swear sometimes he will say something and I'm like, OMG! I swear it is the exact thing Richard would have said. Bill also lost his girlfriend of 20 years. Although things are on hold with us right now. My youngest, who is 18 and just graduated from high school was in a bad car accident on July 7. She never was thrilled that I was dating Bill. Anyway, I told Bill we had to take a break because right now my daughter needs me to take care of her.
  2. I'm so sorry you are going through this alone. I understand the smoking thing. The patch just isn't the same. Hoping you are out of there soon.
  3. Polly

    My sister, Peggy

    Kay, They would probably let her use the wheelchair from the rehab. For Nicole, the rehab at the hospital ordered hers and the one handed walker and had it there before she went home. Yes, Nicole was in excruciating pain with pt in the beginning. It would make me nauseous to watch it. They also had a list of other things that she needed to have before she came home. The biggest thing was a ramp to get her in and out of the house. Thankfully my son-in-law took care of that for me. Financially, I have no clue what to say. I'm kind of in the same situation as far as that goes.
  4. Hugs to everyone!!! It seems we are all going through some tough times on top of our grief. Nicole came home from the hospital on July 27. I had to take an unpaid leave of absence from work. That is a really scary thing to do when you are the only one that is paying the bills. I had no choice. My daughter needs me and can't really use her whole left side of her body. To see her in the pain she in at times makes me nauseous. There are times that she gets so angry and frustrated. She hates not being independent. I would too. She is my mini-me. Then there is the whole situation with the guy I was dating and also my best friend. A week after Nicole's accident, I told him that I needed space. He was very hurt and upset. I feel really bad about that situation. I haven't really talked to him since. I just knew that my main focus had to be my daughter. She has always struggled with the fact that I was seeing him. She hasn't asked me why he hasn't been around. He was there with me the night we got the call about the accident and was there with me at the hospital. I just don't want to upset her and make her feel uncomfortable right now. At the same time...….I really miss him. I have no idea if we will even get back together. I keep holding out hope that we will.
  5. Fed ex?!?!?! omg, that is just crazy! and to your work not to your house? wow! Yes, I think I was in survival mode when I told him I needed space. I knew I couldn't handle anymore than just Nicole. Well she has been home for 10 days. Some days were so bad. One night she was in so much pain that it made me nauseous. A few times she has been so angry and frustrated. She is very independent like me and hates not being able to do things for herself. She still really cant walk. She has a one handed walker that she uses. It's a struggle just to get to her bathroom which is probably no more than 12 steps away. I took her out this evening to get something to eat and we stopped for ice cream before we came home. That pretty much wore her out. We have a busy week ahead. Tues we see the surgeon. Wed the neurologist and Thursday is PT. I'm hoping that she is mobile enough that I can go back to work in the next few weeks. Even if it's just a few hours a day.
  6. Kay, So sorry to hear about your sister. Wow, on them trying to cancel the surgery. That is crazy!!! I'm glad you stepped up and put your foot down. So everything went good with the surgery? Nicole's first pt appointment was this morning at 8am!!! What a nightmare to get there at that time. First off we got up at 6am. Neither one of us are morning people. We were running a little late leaving. We should have left at 7:15am. Then when we got to the highway it was a parking lot. At this point I knew we were going to be late. I had Nicole call them and tell them the situation. They were nice about and said they would still see her. Next appt. is on Friday but I made sure it was not another 8am appt. it's at 930am. I feel horrible about hurting him again. We are so good together. I guess in time we will see.
  7. Nicole came home last Friday. I did have to take a leave of absence. She can not walk. My son-in-law came over and build a ramp for me. This has been very hard for me emotionally. So much so that a little over 2 weeks ago I told Bill that I needed space. I haven't talked to him except for a few messages when he would ask how I or Nicole was doing. I have no clue if I will work things out with him. I know I have hurt him over and over. It's just so hard. I know right now my main focus is Nicole. I guess if it's meant to be it will be.
  8. praying for you Katie!!!!!
  9. Katie, I'm so sorry. I really have no words. And I agree with Marg.....you already are good enough.
  10. thanks Marg. the police officer and also the tow truck driver both said they don't know how she survived.
  11. Definitely going through hell right now. My baby girl who is 18 and just graduated from high school was in a bad car accident on July 7. She is still in the hospital. Going through this without Richard is so hard. She is pretty banged up on her left side. Broken femur, broken upper arm, broken hip, tailbone and groin area. She had a rod put in her femur and a plate in her upper arm. In the past almost 2 weeks she tells me she just wants her dad. She has a long ways to go for recovery.
  12. No they haven't even mentioned the disability. But I was wondering if that was possible. I will call the care worker. She had surgery on Sunday morning. They put a rod in her femur. And a plate in her upper arm.
  13. Polly

    Always Aware

    ohhhhhh, I swear I could have wrote this. I also think that Richard had something to do with me meeting Bill. Sometimes he will say or do something and I just stop dead in my tracks and swear it was Richard.
  14. Thanks Marty and Kay. Yes, I think they got all the glass out of her eye. No, she doesn't have any brain injuries. I have my older daughter and Nicole's best friend have been staying with me at the hospital. We have been taking turns staying over night with her. I took off work all this week. Supposed to go back next Tuesday. I will have to take a leave of absence if she needs help once she is home. Can't afford to do that but I will do whatever I have to do. She is my baby. No one else was in the car with her. She was following a new boyfriend, as in that was their first date. She is not really sure what happened. She hit a tree then went airborne and hit the telephone pole. The boyfriend saw it and called 911. He stayed with her until help got there.
  15. just wanted to let you know that Nicole was in a really bad car accident on Sat night. Not sure how she survived. She broke her femur, upper arm and 3 places in her pelvis. She has cuts all over her face and had glass in her eye.