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Paw Prints in the Sand excerpt from their book Happy Tails of Bailey and Bambaloo


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PAW PRINTS IN THE SAND David Lasaine 2017

When you were alone, I was there.

When the sun or set, I was there.

We shared many wonderful memories, you and me.

We laughed and played together.

When you were sad, I was there.

When you cried, I tasted your tears.

When you faced death, I was there.

When the darkest of times happened, I was there.

When you slept...I protected you.

When you shivered...I was your warmth.

I asked not for much: a belly rub, my side and chin scratched.

To be walked a few times a day.

I put my life in your hands to care for me, to feed me...to love me.

I served you with unconditional love and faithfully during my life.

I know you suffer but as always you think of my well-being first. Thank you.

I know you love me unconditionally. I will not be gone from you…ever.

When we meet in the Spiritual World, we will play again and again.

I know you will not forget me. I will be patiently waiting for you, and when it is Bailey’s time, we will be with Mitzy. We will become one in spirit forever when you arrive. Write the books about us. Don’t give up. Honor us to help others.

Eternally Yours, Your Faithful Companion, Bambaloo McWigglybutt Lasaine 


Happy Life with Poppy 12/3/17 - 2/3/23 

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Bambaloo was diagnosed with Diabetes and the beginning of Ketoacidosis. She was not in pain, but lost the energy she once had just a few months earlier. Time is no ones friend. Winter is the time of cold, numbness, and death for the frail and elderly. Bambaloo was 14. She went from a vibrant, happy dog, to a happy dog being lethargic and arthritis leaving her pretty much with no desire  to move when temps hit below 15 degrees. I have not cried yet. I don't know if I will be able too. I do know I miss her antics and rituals of waiting by the door for me when I came home, putting her face up to me when I got back in the car so I could console her to let her know I was not leaving her, having the ability to know when I was depressed (she is an Emotional Support Animal), and most magically...how she followed me around as my shadow.  We connected as a pair. We both were abused growing up. We were each others savior and protector. I look for her as I walk with Bailey. But now, I walk with her spirit next to me and in me. Physically, she is no longer ever able to be here. I do and will miss her deeply. Bailey (Emotional Support Animal) watched the entire process from the bed. She saw her best friend's life being taken. She didn't understand why Bambaloo went to sleep and did not wake up to play with. I can see her in mourning. She has distanced herself from me. Neither of us will forget Bambaloo. I hope Bailey can forgive me. Please enjoy the photos of some of the wonderful moments Bambaloo had with her Poppy and Bailey. For 5 years I did everything possible to help her forget the previous 9 years of abuse. She is/was truly a happy dog. Unbelievable. 




council hill station.jpg

how fast was i going.jpg

bambaloo in grass.jpg

bambaloo licking bailey.jpg

bambaloo with ball.JPG

belly 18.jpg

belly 20.jpg

belly 22.jpg

belly 23.jpg

i feel loved.jpg

my wish came true.jpg


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Reminds me of mine....


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