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I couldn't think of which forum to post this in, but I think that this is as close to the best one.

I am on the road back to Texas and I just recieved an E-Mail from my Sister-in-law in Seattle, WA that her grandmother passed away this morning. She had been ill for a little whale now and had Hospice in her house. Please put her family in your thoughts and prayers as they start into this joruney of grief. I have given her the web site here and I hope that they will utilize it and find out what a wonderful family we are here. Again thanks to all of you and God bless you all.


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I am so sorry for your family. I hope your sister-in-law will come to this website. I didn't know exactly how good it would make me feel, but it does wonders for me! Just being able to talk about it is so cleansing!

I will say a prayer for you and your family. Again, I am very sorry for the loss.


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