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I have had this dream twice now. I dreampt that I was in my Grandfather's garden with him. I dream that I watch him walk into a tree and hurt his head, and he is laying on the ground. I try to use a cell phone, or find some other way to call an ambulance to help him but no one will come. We lost him several years ago to a stroke.

My other Grandfather (Pop) passed last month. I would have thought I would be dreaming about him.

This dream has been very distressing to me. I am afraid to mention it to anyone because I don't want them to think I am going crazy or worry them. Is this normal?

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Don't stress Deb.

I've been having dreams like that for a while now too.

Just last night I dreamt that my mother never really died. I spent the whole dream telling her about my life and what she had missed. when I awoke and realized that she wasnt there I felt indescribably shity.

I don't pretend to know what dreams like these mean and I know they are distressing. They make the realm of sleep an unpridictable, almost scary place to be.

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Dear Deb,

I relate well to how you feel. There is a dream that i couldnt forget which happened few months ago. Presently, I live with my mother and she is in good condition, but i constantly worry about her health. 5 months ago, I dreamt of seeing her lying inside the casket. It was very disturbing, i woke up feeling very sad. I could never accept if something bad will happen to her. I remember telling my fiance about this awful dream but not the whole details. He comforted me and told me that I am a very sensitive person and most of the time, some situations do affect me and manifest in my dream. My love died one week after that dream. I still couldnt get over that dream. Was it telling me something? have i not been sensitive enough to warn him?

I am trying to find peace, but i am deeply saddened everytime i remember this.

I hope that by posting it here i will find peace in some way. Sometimes, letting it out helps a lot. I hope this will work for both of us.

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Hi Deb.

I believe dreams are an expression of our subconcious thoughts.

My impression of your dream is that You cared very much for both of your grandfathers. I'm guessing his (#1's) garden is a place he cherished and that you have fond memories of. The ambulance sequence seems to speak of the helplessness you felt at losing him.

In the ten years I shared with my late fiancee Kathy, I was bothered that most of my dreams that involved domestic situations included my ex-wife rather than Kathy. (I'd been with the ex for 13 years before). Our subconcious often seems to utilize images of those we have more memories of rather than those currently with us.

In my opinion, anything is "normal" in a dream.

To me, your dream simply expresses that you're a caring, loving individual.


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Deb and all other dreamers,

I agree with Maury, that anything is normal in dreams. And that not being able to get help is just the frustration of not being able to keep someone you love from dying. Unless dreams are very bizarre, you can usually find the "symbolism" in them if you think about it enough and in a broad enough way. I have really srange dreams and have finally just tried to ignore them. Most of the time I understand them, but if I don't, I just let them go or they drive me crazy! There are some that really stick with me, but in general I think we put too much importance on them sometimes. When grieving our minds are definitely going to be a little mixed up, but it's normal.

May all of have some dreamless nights!



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I believe we have a 6th sense, everyone is different, but dreams are a gateway to things unknown in this earth but in above ourselves, not a bad omen, symbolic of things that needed or attention, perhaps to change our direction in life. I wish to have more of them myself :wacko:

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