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It is the holiday season once again, & as this season comes each year my main thoughts are of my mom. When I think of how much I miss her & how I've made it through almost 5 years now, I think of all of you here. I stop by here often to read what you all have to share & my heart goes out to each & every one of you.

Since it is the season of giving, I would like to take this time just to give aech & every one of you a BIG WARM HUG, & let you know you will all be in my heartfelt thoughts this holiday season.

I know this is not much to give, but I know that all of the warm thoughts & hugs I have gotten for here over the past years have really helped.

Happy Holidays to all,



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Thank you so much. It is a wonderful gift you have sent us and I send it right back to you. You brought up an important point, that it is the season "for giving" and that's what we should all do. When I get "scroogy" and want to hide under the bed, I think of something I can do for someone and plan it and I feel better. My mom was always thinking about and helping others, and I am trying to do the same. It's amazing how thinking of someone else can help us get over ourselves and out of our own grief. Have a good holiday season.

A huge hug to you,


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Thanks to all of you for your warm thoughts & wishes, they are appreciated very much. I however can not be the sole one to thank here, as it was my mom who truely taught me to be so giving & thoughtful of others.

I just as Shell, look to my moms thoughts & feelings when I get down. I often times have felt like giving up & not celabrating the holidays, because mom was my holiday. But.............mom some how kicks me in the tail & says TOOTIE ANN that is selfish & you can not do that!!! SO go give to others what I have shared with you. Thank you all again, I know mom is smiling at us all right now.

Love & hugs,


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