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Hello, Teny!

So sorry to hear you have has a bad week-end, as I have also- it is not only that we have to deal with our loss, we also have to deal with day to day problems, and I have had my share of those this week-end. Valentines day for me will be putting some beautiful red roses on my mom's grave and praying that she lives in a rose garden, now. One day at a time Teny, that is all we have, and that is all I try to focus on. This is not easy- but, you are much stronger than you think! Hope you have peace today.



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Hi Teny,

It is good to hear from you. I too have had a really tough time lately. I got through the holidays and that was not easy, but now I am approaching the first anniversary and it is really getting to me. I try to take one day at a time but just can't help looking ahead, and back, to that awful day.

I too have not posted because I feel that I would cause others more sadness or pain. I am not sure that is the right way though because I honestly want to hear from you and others and I hope they want to hear from us. I know that absolutely no one on this forum has ever said anything that made me feel worse than I already do. I can honestly say this forum has been the best thing I've found in my journey and I believe others feel the same. So please don't hesitate to post. When you're down is when you need help and it may just be when someone else needs the same help. As we have all said before we are truly in this together. God bless and keep believing for a better tomorrow.



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And we're thinking of you too...hoping today is a better day.


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